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How to annoy your friends on tour.

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Touring can be tough. Rough sleep, terrible food, late nights, your friends playing tricks on you? Let's see how the guys react to their friend's pranks. [Set of oneshots]

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Hi, I've tried my hand at something a little different this time, which I hope you'll enjoy!
I have some ideas for the next few chapters of this if you want me to continue, I might just make it an ongoing thing that I upload every couple of weeks or so.

They all settled down around the TV, discussing what film they could watch.
"No, we've seen that at least a million times!" Frank moaned when Mikey suggested the complete collection of Lord of the Rings - again.
"But they're such great films!" Mikey sulked.

Ray sat smiling in the corner; it always amused him when Frank and Mikey argued over movies, and it would be even funnier in a minute when he guessed Gerard would jump in.

"We watched them two days ago! And you made us listen to that silly remix version of 'They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard'. I've had enough!" Frank crossed his arms as Mikey pouted.
"I know." Gerard jumped in. "Why don't we watch Star Wars?!" He looked around the room smiling, waiting for someone to agree with him.

"No no no. I still say Iron Man!" Frank replied after a few seconds of silence.
Ray continued to giggle quietly in the corner, the others taking no notice of him.

"Okay... Why don't we watch all of them?" Mikey reasoned.
"Starting with Lord of the Rings, of course." He added, knowing that after all three movies everyone would be way too tired to watch their own choices.
Frank glared at him, knowing what he was trying to pull.

It was only then that they noticed Ray, who had begun laughing hysterically in the corner.
"What?!" They all asked at once, to which Ray replied with silence for a couple of seconds, before bursting into laughter again.
After muttering that Ray was annoying and childish, they ignored him once more and continued with their argument.


The next morning, after a long, peaceful sleep following the viewing of the complete collection of the Lord of the Rings – yet again - they all sat around the small table for breakfast.

"Pass the Lucky Charms." Mikey said, and Frank passed them over, smiling cheekily. Gerard gave him a questioning look which he ignored.

After a few minutes of eating, Ray took his breakfast over to the couches where the television was. As soon as he had turned away from the other three, Frank began flicking pieces of cereal at him, most of which landed in his huge puff of frizzy hair.
He giggled to himself as Ray didn't notice anything wrong.

"What are you doing?" Gerard whispered to Frank.
"Well, he laughed at us yesterday. I'm getting my revenge." He whispered back cheekily.

Mikey and Gerard smiled at each other and began flicking their own cereal at Ray.
After a minute or two, a marshmallow from Mikey's Lucky Charms hit Ray on the cheek, finally alerting him of their revenge.

"Hey!" He swivelled round and wiped it away from his face.
Mikey, Frank and Gerard burst out into laughter at his disgusted expression, still holding the marshmallow in his hand.
Ray glared at them and raised his hand slowly to the back of his head, realising it was full of soggy cereal pieces.
"Nooooo! Not the 'fro!"

All three of them chuckled as Ray ran out the room to go wash his hair.
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