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Chapter 2

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The drive to the cabin took a lot longer than Spencer remembered. He knew that in actuality it was the same amount of time but because he was anxious to get there and see that Jason was in fact fine; the drive seemed a lot longer. When he reached the cabin he was relieved to see Gideon's car in the driveway.

He shut off his car, got out and cautiously walked up the stairs. He knew that just because he knew and trusted Gideon was no reason or excuse to throw all caution and sensibility out the window.

He knocked on the door and was a bit surprised when the door opened from the slight pressure he placed on it from knocking. The first thing that hit him was the silence, the few times that he'd visited Jason while he was there; he could always hear music playing. Now there was nothing. Another thing was that all of the windows were closed; the cabin smelled stale, which suggested that they'd been closed for days. As far as Reid was concerned all of this added up to nothing good.

He entered the main room, carefully and quietly taking his gun out of the holster. He doubted that anyone would have had the gull to break into Gideon's cabin but dealing with the sort of people that they did on a regular basis it was hard to say. He carefully searched the main room, the kitchen and the bathroom. On the desk in the main room he found an envelop with his name on it; that was all. He left it on the desk; figuring he would read it later.

As he entered the bedroom there was no mistaking the strong odor of blood, it was thick and heavy. He opened the door all the way and he took a deep breath to avoid gasping. With trembling hands he reached inside his pocket and took out his cell phone. "Hotch, I found Gideon. He's dead." Spencer felt almost drugged as he stared at the body of his mentor and repeated the words into the phone. This time his voice had gotten a little high as he let the panic set in.

Hotch nodded, "Okay Reid. You need to tell me the location of the cabin and then you need to call the police."

Reid nodded, his eyes never leaving the blood soaked body. "1647 Battle Creek road, cabin 12." He hung up the phone and dialed 9-1-1.

Hotch on the other hand knew that they needed to get to Reid and fast. He knew that Spencer finding Jason's body would probably leave its scars on the young doctor's psyche, but he knew that they would deal with that when the time came. He went to the Bull Pen, "Morgan, J.J. and Garcia, meeting room now."

They all filed into the briefing room. Morgan glanced around the room, slightly concerned when there was a total lack of Reid. "Where's Reid?"

Hotch looked more serious and somber than anyone had ever seen him. "He's at the suicide site."
J.J. looked confused. "If it's a suicide I don't see why it's our case…"

As Hotch turned the view screen on, everyone saw the personnel photo of Jason Gideon. "This time it's personal. We leave in ten minutes."

They went to the cabin. Morgan went to find Reid, he knew that the kid looked up to Gideon as a father figure and was just hoping that he wouldn't take Gideon's suicide as yet another father leaving him. If he chose to look at it that way Morgan didn't know if there would be any fixing him. Derek knew that for all of his intelligence he lacked the simple ability to see beyond his own emotional problems and fear of abandonment, to the personal problems that Gideon could've been having. That it wasn't so much Gideon leaving Reid as it was Gideon trying to escape his pain.

When Morgan found Reid he was calmly explaining to Officer Fields why he'd been at the cabin and who the deceased was. Morgan knew Reid; probably better than anyone else, the tone that he was using was the one he used when he was uncomfortable with the people or the situation. His body language also told Morgan that he was uncomfortable, scared and exhausted.

Derek stepped behind Reid. "Are you almost finished Officer Fields?"

The officer glared at Morgan. "Who are you and are you aware that you are interrupting an investigation?"

Morgan flashed his ID. "Special Agent Derek Morgan, FBI. And it's not your investigation; as of five minutes ago it was handed over to us. Are you finished with Dr. Reid?"

Spencer had never been so glad to see Morgan. He was used to the police's attitude that since he was young, he was unknowledgeable and a suspect. Spencer was aware that it looked bad due to the fact that there was a letter (a suicide note Reid had guessed) addressed to him written by the deceased.

The officer glared at Derek. "For now."

Derek put one of his hands on Spencer's too-thin shoulder steering him away from where the officer was still standing.

"There's a letter…" As Spencer spoke he was playing with the hem of his sweater.

Morgan nodded to show that he understood. "As soon as it gets processed for evidence I will make sure that it's returned to you."

Reid nodded he knew the procedure. He sat on the steps to the cabin; his head was in his hands. He could feel the sting of tears; he didn't want to cry, not with all the strangers around. He knew that everyone outside the BAU thought that he was too young and therefore, too immature to be there. He would have to save his grieving for later.

Morgan stood next to Reid, his hand still protectively on his shoulder. He could literally feel the wheels in the genius' head turning. He just hoped that it wasn't self-destructive. He, like, everyone, knew it was only a matter of time.
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