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Promises aren't always empty (one shot)

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Ross and Rachael make mends by realizing they been right for each other all along. I DO NOT OWN

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Ross, was nervous, but at the same time he had been thinking about this one thing for a few weks now-Asking Rachael to marry him.

They've known each other since the first grade and have been really good friends for about 20 years. Yeah, they have had there arguements butthey still care about one another deeply.

On a romantic Friday night where a lot of people were walking and window shopping in Times Sqaure, Manhattan, New York city. While she is distracted by some woman's new nine west black furry boots Ross, bends down one one knee with a 15-carrot diamond-white silver ring; He says"We've known each other for so long and since I first met you, you stole my heart. Rachael Alexis Green....Will you marry me?". No emotion. All he got was "I'm sorry, Ross. No". I was dissapointed but my heart was full of hurt and betrayl. I thought she loved me. She said she did. Did I get a mix signal from when Joey moved to Dallas for his own sitcom comedy show? He had to dump her, but when we kissed I felt the fireworks on my lips crack out of love. She was volnuerable then, so, what's the reason now?.

flashback ends

Rachael knocks on the door. "Ross, hello? It's me. Please open the door so we can talk". He unlocks the door and says" I want to know why".

"I was scared".

"You were scared? Of what?".

"Of us. Think back to our old history, Ross: We dated as friends, became friends with benefits, we've broken up and gotten back together like 241 times, I cheated on you and you cheated on me, I mean what else is next?!".

"Rache....Let's get married".

"What, why?".

"Because, you're the only one that makes me happy. And i feel contempt. When you come around everything is okay. Time away from you damaged my heart, but it taught me how much I truely love you".

She tears up and blushes asshe says"Oh, ross. Yes, I'll marry you"!.
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