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Ryan apparently has not shut up about Brendon after yesterday. I haven't either, so we're on even ground.

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Ryan's POV

Never have I seen someone have a seizure. I have seen someone pass out, but I'd never compare the two.

Seeing Brendon seizing like that, for some reason, made me feel a new level of protective towards him. It's not like I've started full on stalking the guy, but I want to know he's alright.

Jon, Spencer, and I were all pushed out of the nurse so Brendon doesn't feel suffocated. None of us were happy about that, and Jon was rambling for about ten minutes about how he should have known Brendon was acting strange.

“It's not like you could have stopped the seizure from happening,” Spencer whispers.

Jon sighs. “What happened exactly?” He turns to me, almost accusatory.

I almost blurted 'don't blame me for hurting your best gay friendship' but I refrained myself.

“He was acting weird while I was walking with him to class. I don't really- it was weird. It kinda just happened.”

Spencer takes a loud breath. “He's going to be fine, I'm sure.”

“I hope so,” Jon says. “I think they're taking him to the hospital.” He points to the older woman walking towards him, clearly rushed.

“What happened? I just got the call. I- I can't believe-”

“Mrs. Urie,” Jon says in a careful voice. “He was walking to class and he fell and started convulsing. Ryan here made sure he was okay.”

I'm close to blushing when Brendon's mom looks at me. “Oh, thank you, Ryan. God knows about what his state would have been if he hit his head.”

Brendon suddenly comes out of the room, staring at us. “So,” he starts.

“I'm so glad you're okay,” Mrs. Urie steps closer to Brendon.

“Yeah, I have a headache.” Brendon mutters, rubbing a spot on his head.

The three of us just stand there watching him. “Sorry you had to see that, but God-”

“Gosh,” His mother interrupts.

Brendon rolls his eyes. “But gosh, thanks for saving my as- butt.”

“Ass butt. Smooth Bren.” Jon teases.

His mother flinches at the swear. “I'm going to take you to the hospital. They're gonna check you out, alright?”


I know Jon wants to step up and ask if he can come along and support him, but he holds himself back. Jon has always been close with Brendon, and I'm sure they've been friends since eighth grade. I almost envy Jon, but I know I have Spencer as a friend. However, I watched how Spencer was consoling him and being so caring, and I can't help but feel like a puppy left on the side of the road waiting for someone to pay attention to me.

“Boys, you can get back to class now.” The nurse says.

We silently leave, walking all together in the hallway.

“Ryan,” Spencer says, “you did good.”

I nod once, keeping my head to the ground.

Jon's POV

Brendon's not at school today. I feel nervous, because I sent him a text and he didn't answer.
I talked to Spencer though and we exchanged our numbers, and he's been texting me, calming me down.

“I'm sure he's fine. Hopefully a nice lunch will distract you?” I get this text during art, gladly answering.


Ten minutes later, I get a text from Brendon.

“I had to do a cat scan yesterday. Then a fucking MRI. They tested my blood too. You know you're not allowed to breathe during a cat scan? Fucking bull.” His mother would have had a seizure herself if she saw that text.

“Fuck. What'd they say? Are you okay?”

“I'm fine.”

“Are you lying?”

“Relax. I said I'm fine.”

“Cool. Get your ass back to school.”

Brendon is still sick at least. He can't just wake up the next day and be totally fine. I just take all my art things and throw them back into our shelf and text Spencer. Spencer tells me he has texted Ryan too. Actually, Ryan apparently has not shut up about Brendon after yesterday. I haven't either, so we're on even ground.

I meet Spencer at the flagpole like he said, him with a lazy smile on his face. “Are you ready?”

“As ready as I'll ever be,” I joke, following him into his car. It's nice, and Audi, and I question how the hell his family has that kind of money.

Once we get to Chipotle, I get a taco bowl and Spencer get's chicken soft tacos. He paid, and I was trying so hard to not let him pay but he, of course, insisted.

Guess he wants to be the man of the relationship.

“So I totally have caught you checking me out outside the practice room.”

I scoff. “Well your drumming is distracting, in a good way.”

“Yeah, you're definitely looking at my drumming.” He teases, taking a huge bite of his food.

“I'm just kidding. Thank you,” He finishes chewing. “I watched you play in Jazz Band. Holy crap, your fingerings are dead on with intonation.”

I nod enthusiastically and say “I know” in a joking tone.

His eyes stare right at mine and he smiles, then looks back down at his food.

He's too cute and I'm on a date with him. I just now processed that and I'm screaming in my head.

“I just want to apologize for making a move so late,” Spencer says in a sorry tone.

“Well this thirty dollar lunch sure makes up for it. Is that guacamole?” I ask, looking down at his plate.

“Oh yeah! Want some?”

I bat my eye lashes, pleading. “Well if you insist.”

“Only if you let me feed it to you,” He smiles stupidly, picking up some with his fork. He picks a giant amount, and holds it in front of me.

Jesus fucking Christ, he's feeding me. We're practically twelve years old.

If that doesn't scream “we're a couple” I don't know what will.

He moves the fork close to my mouth and I take the huge bite, earning the biggest and cutest laugh I've ever heard.

Seriously. Every time this guys laughs, a baby is born.

“Wow, you're adorable.” He blurts, shaking his head and brushing his hand over his lip.

I swallow and take a sip of my drink. “You're cute when you're embarrassed.” I deadpan.

We soon get up to leave the restaurant and walk out the car, Spencer dropping his wallet behind him as we go.

“Hey, forgot something?” I say holding it up, threatening to open it.

He turns around and looks at me, making a panicked face. “Ah, lord.” He walks close to me, taking it from me. “You do not want to see my driver's license.”

The wallet is still in my hands and I open it. Just about the cutest sixteen year old license picture I have ever seen peeks out.

“Oh my gosh! You looks so different!” I look at his long hair and compare it to now.

Spencer's dark hair falls over his eyes as if to hide himself. I wait for him to peek through and show his blue eyes, and when he looks up to stare at me he looks like he's contemplating something.

I take another step closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. “You have always been really cute.”

His head turns up to meet mine, and, wow, our lips are only about five inches apart.
I could explode.

And then, the worst of worst things could happen. Spencer's phone goes off.

“Fuck! That's my alarm! We're gonna be late to 6th period.” He jumps.

“Oh shit,” I grumble.

We get up from our seats and rush out to the car, Spencer looks pretty rushed. I assume he's not one to skip class unlike Brendon and I who would gladly go to the band room and sit around and hide for three periods.

We stay practically silent the rest of the drive, and I'm stuck thinking about how perfect our almost kiss would have been.

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