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Uncondtional Love

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It's a Pierre/David that's all I'm mentiong.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Chuck Comeau,David Desrosiers,Jeff Stinco,Patrick Langlois,Pierre Bouvier,Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2013-08-12 - 419 words

A/N: This is written in thrid person and I'm not use to it so i'm sorry. Please Rate and review also will finish first chapter in a few

Chapter One:
Pierre slung his backpack over his shoulder and turned to look at Chuck. “Thanks now we’re gonna be late for English,” he laughed.
“It’s your fault not mine,” Chuck smiled as they ran to their English class.
They sat in their assigned seats next to each other in the back. “Class we have a new student joining us today. Would you like to introduce yourself?” Mrs. Holsen asked the kid. He stood a few inches shorter then Pierre, had black emo, lip, nose, and ear piercings, and kept his head down.
He looked at the class and shook his head, but said. “I’m David,” his voice was edged with nervousness.
“Okay David you can take a seat in the back with Pierre and Chuck..”
“Great a new kid,” Chuck whispered to his best friend/

Keeping his head down David sat down. He cast a quick side glance at the kid with spiked black hair. Stupid parents, he hadn’t wanted to leave his friends or old school. Okay that was an overstatement. He had no parents that wanted him in their house or life. They were getting a divorce and had sent David to a foster home for the time being.

The senior, Pierre, could tell that the new kid, David, was upset and nervous, but he quickly forgot about it when the teacher began to speak. “Okay everyone get with a partner for the next assignment,” Mrs. Holsen said.
He immediately looked at Chuck, who in return nodded, but the teacher walked up to the group of three desks. “Pierre I would like you to work with David for today.”
Pierre reluctantly nodded. “So what’s the assignment?”
The teacher walked to the front of the class, her high heels clicking against the white monomial. “With your partner work together to write a poem or lyrics to a song and tomorrow you will both share it with the class.”
Great now he was going to hang out with the new kid after school. He thought bitterly as Chuck moved to the other side of the room to work with someone else. “So…Um David what would you like to do poem or-”
“Lyrics!” The kid instantly said cutting Pierre off.
With a nod he reached into his navy blue backpack and retrieved a notebook.
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