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if you love me let me go

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Emily is making friends quickly. Brendon has missed Emily too much

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We pull up out side of the bowling ally and I hope that I looked nice I really didn't want Patrick's friends to not like me. As if reading my mind he said

"you look beautiful Em" he gave me a smile and helped me out of the car. I was wearing a pair of vans and high rise shorts with a black and white cropped loose shirt if anything I looked casual, not beautiful.
We walked inside and we were immediately greeted by Pete
"hey guys!" he said hugging us both "everyone's here already" he said leading us to a small group of people one of witch was Brendon.

"hope you guys don't mind I decided to tag along" he said hugging Patrick then me.

"not at all man" Patrick replied

"hey, I'm andy" a heavily tattooed guy with short red hair, kind of a beard and a black band shirt outreached his hand to mine. I shook it with a smile

"I'm Emily" I said back to him.

"and I'm Joe" said a guy with very poofy afroey hair with right blue eyes said.

"Emily." I said with a smile also shaking his hand.

"whose ready to bowl?" Pete said with enthusiasm.

"lets get to it!" Joe said

we got our bowling balls and put our rented shoes on witch Andy didn't seem thrilled about. and we began. I'm horrible at bowling and I did the worst but I started doing a little better when Patrick helped me out they all ended up shouting tips at me witch made me laugh and mess up any way. we all tried to make each other mess up by shouting random things when one of us went up to bowel. Patrick ended up doing the best and Andy was runner up. Brendon and I failed miserably at bowling it was okay because we had our own competition on who did worst. we played a few games that way until we all decided we were starving and headed out to the restaurant. It was dark when we finally left the bowling ally we drove I looked at all the palm trees and the lights and all the tall buildings.

"Its so beautiful isn't it? and you haven't even seen the beaches yet!" Patrick laughed

"I've never seen a beach" I laughed back

"your kidding!" he said seriously surprised "then we have to go! like, this week!" He said getting exited.

"alright Patrick" I chuckled.

we arrived at the restaurant with some of the others behind of us and some already there waiting. We all began to take our seats at the table. We all began to order when I noticed Brendon kept staring at me. I tryed to act like I didn't notice.

"hey Emily, have you been shopping here before?" Pete asked from the other side of the table.

"no, Its my first time in California." I said

"Oh, wow! really? If its cool with Patrick, I can take you tomorrow after noon, my treat" he smiled.

"yeah, I don't care. shes her own person if its okay with her its cool with me." looking at me to make sure it was okay with me.

"that would be awesome Pete thank you" I said smiling at Pete and Patrick.

"well I just thought I'd ask because you know, she is your almost girlfriend so I'd like to get to know her and make her part of the team." he laughed

"Pete!" Patrick shot him a glare. "that was kind of nice I guess."

I looked at Brendon who had tuned out and was now eating his food silently. Joe and Andy had a conversation going among themselves about what would be the perfect superhero or something.

"I'll come get you at like 1 pm or so." he said and I nodded.


Brendon's POV
She had caught me looking at her it was hard not to I hadn't seen her in like a month. I missed her so much. I missed her being my girlfriend and our closeness. And from what Pete said it doesn't sound like their officially together yet I told Patrick not to mess this up but I think he is If it was me I would of grabbed her right up, I did grab her right up. And hes not as protective of her as I would of been I wouldn't of let her go with Pete, hes one of my best friends, but I know his track record with girls. Maybe that's where I messed up with her, that's why shes so into Patrick hes so diffident from me hes sweet and not as mothering. I cant help it though I still find myself craving to be near her. I know the Fall out Boy gang got her a place by herself and Patrick was probably going to take her home. I have a plan.


Emily's POV
Patrick stopped the car in front of my house.

"do you want me to walk you to your door?" he asked a little bit nervous for some reason

"yeah sure" I said. He walked around to my side of the car and opened the door for me and helped me out. I still cant get over how sweet he is we walked up the walk way together and stopped on the porch.

"Well you probably need to get your stuff unpacked and settled in and everything,and you have a big day tomorrow so.." he said awkwardly like was waiting for me to say something " so text me when you and Pete are done hang out out and we'll go do something" I smiled at him and kissed him.

"okay, I will, I promise" I said smiling at him again and giving him another kiss before he walked back to his car and I unlocked the door and went inside. I went to my room and threw my stuff on the floor and plopped into my bed looking up at the antlers on the wall above my bed. I herd my door bell ring.

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