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The Ghost Of You

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Contains Self Harm, Suicide, and Depressing Themes. Frerard.

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Gerard Way sat in his basement, books in tow as he made his way to his bed. He sat down on his bed and sighed, he opened the book on top of the pile and silently began to read. Shakespeare. The king of tragedy. The spirit of heartbreak. Although these are classic pieces of literature, these plays seemed to show Gerard just how bad life could be, with all of the lies, the spying and the humility. Gerard was disgusted by what the world could be, he was disgusted by the people in the world. He didn't portray these as fiction, he read them as though they were history books. He sees them as a insight to parts of the world that people try to hide so well. Books like these always intruiged him. They always meant something to him, they had crawled their way into his heart from the first line on the page.

He slumped against his bed, opening the cover of the book to "Hamlet", beginning to read as he heard a knock on his door. Gerard was antisocial to say the least, he didn't like to be around many people as the made him uncomfortable. He was at ease by himself. He preferred solitude, he preferred quiet, and most of all, he preferred to be left alone. Gerard stayed silent as another feeble knock sounded on his door.

"Gerard.. It's Frank."

That made Gerard's eyes light up, he threw his precious Shakespeare play onto the floor and leaped up, running to the door and unlocking it as fast as he can, wrapping his arms around his best friend happily.

"Frankie! C-Come in!" Gerard squeaked, letting go of his best friend and moving aside to give him access into his basement room. Frank stepped in with a smile on his face as he walked down the stairs, looking around at his friend's immaculate room. Gerard quickly followed after locking his door once more.

"How have you been, Gee?" Frank smiled, looking at his best friend, eyes skimming down to Gerard's arms, frowning as he saw they were fully covered.

"Fine. Bert broke up with me." Gerard smiled. Bert was Gerard's long term boyfriend, who Gerard had been madly in love with, regardless of the fact that Bert used to constantly cheat on him with Jepha.

"Gee, I'm so sorry.." Frank frowned and pulled Gerard into a tight hug. That's what Gerard liked about Frank. Frank never pryed or asked any details. He was just there when you needed him.

Gerard smiled a little and gently pulled himself from Frank's tight grip, sitting down on his bed.

"Frankie, do you wanna stay over tonight? It's the summer holidays and mum will surely let you."

"Sure, Gee. Whatever you need." Frank sat down beside him and began playing with his long black locks, before kissing his best friend on the cheek. "Lemme call my mom, okay?"

Gerard nodded as Frank pulled out his phone and sat silently as Frank spoke to Linda.

"She said it's fine." Frank grinned as he hung up the phone. "What are we gonna do tonight?"

"Let's get drunk!" Gerard's eyes sparkled and he reached under the bed to pull out a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Blue WKD, and some Red Bull. He also pulled out two glasses. Frank raised his eyebrow, especially confused as to why the energy juice was in there, but decided to be quiet all the same. Gerard then slid to the floor and began to make his cocktails.

He poured the vodka into the glasses until it was half full before pouring the smallest bit of WKD into it, and then filled the rest of the glasses with Red Bull, handing Frank a green cocktail.

"It's called a Hulk. They get you so drunk after like, one glass." Gerard beamed at his best friend and he began to chug the Hulk as Frank sipped it, still unsure of what he was drinking.

Frank eventually began to drink the Hulks faster, smiling drunkenly at his best friend after his 5th one.

"I love you, Gee." Frank slurred and leaned onto his best friend, twisting his ebony locks between his long, thing fingers.

"I love you too, Frankie." Gerard chuckled. Frank then leaned up to look Gerard in the eyes before pressing his lips onto his startled best friend's.

Gerard shoved Frank off him roughly and Frank ran out of Gerard's room in a hurry, tears streaming down his face.

Then Gerard heard the slam of the front door. He was alone again.
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