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Chapter 1

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I look back at the clock, wishing for the 5 minutes left of work to come around. "So what do you plan on doing on the weekend?" My best friend- also known my boss, Kary asks. "I was thinking about going home and being around the kids. It's been a while since I've had family time."
I look back up at the clock and it finally said 3:00 pm.
"Oh come on! One night out with the girls won't kill you...much"
I continued walking out the door backwards."Oh Yeah sure. That us very reassuring!" I shot her a huge smile before walking out the glass door and to the elevator.
Finally some well-deserved vacation time.

"Guys!, I'm home!" I yell as I close the door behind me.
Walking into a messy kitchen I got out a bottle of water out of the fridge. You could clearly see the dirty dishes piling up in the sink. Some with food on them. And oh, how many times I have told Bryn to clean those up.
Tje house was just like the kitchen- in a not very presentable stage. I never really have time to clean when I'm working all the time. Cooking is also not an option; we do take out every night. But even though I barely see my kids and have 'ME' time anymore.

My phone starts to ring, the letters flashing 'KARY'. 'Should I?' The thought crossed my mind. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be debating if I should talk to my best friend or not. I answer on the last ring. "Hey Vikki, I thought you were just ignoring me. Anyway, I called 'cause a bunch of the girls and me are going to that hot new club downtown and you, my friend are going!"
She said in what seemed as one breath.
"Uh, yeah I don't think so." Walking out of the kitchen and into the messy living room.
"Your going! I'll be there to pick you up around 9, so be ready" and with ghat she hung up. I just atared at the phone as the dial tone echoed in the small living room.
I forgot she was used to being bossy around all of us.

Heck, I don't even know how she got rhe others to go. I think it is safe to say that no ine I know wants to have a girl's night out with their boss.

I heard the front door openning, then Sadie and Bryn walking into the room. "Hey girls, isn't it a bit late to be getting home?" I said as I stared at them.
"We went to hag out with this really cool guy!" Sadie started, but soon being interrupted by Bryn "Yeah, he is new and H-O-T and dreamy and artsy and .....did i mention cute?" and she has a crush. I never really understood what the big deal was. Sure, it's a good thing to fall In love and everything.

Yes, I support my daughters having boyfriends at their age.

No, I am not a fan of teenage pregnancy.

"Okay?" I said with the best look I could come up with for a situation like this. "Pretty sure you did. Anyway, I'm going out with Kary and some girls tonight so I might be staying at her house, meaning that Bryn is in charge"

".....might be regretting that decision later"

Looking around the club, I felt so out of place. I was wearing a black lace-up corset dress and a pair of black stilleto boots. My shoulder cut hair was pin straight after Kary spent an hour on it and my make up was made to perfection.
The place wasn't really my scene; it was a n underground club that had just opened and it was packed with teenagers and I guess I looked like one to them- -After all I haven't really aged that much.- - "What is a girl like you doing here all by yourself?" A voice said right next to my ear. I jump at the closeness before turning around and facing a very cute guy.

"Got deserted by my friends"
He smiled sitting next to me. "Gerard" he said holding out his hand. Grasping it, I said "Vikki"

After a few more beers, I couldn't really remember what had happened next. Just slipping in and out of conciousness. A few snippets here and there.

Catching a taxi to the nearest motel.

Making out on the bed.

Losing every bit of clothing.

Our hands roaming everywhere.

Him thrusting into me.

And then waking up next to the guy, realizing that I have just made the biggest mistake I could have ever made.

I stood up from the bed as quiet as I possibly could without waking up Gerard.
I continued outting on my clothes before carefully slipping out of the room.

I had taken off my boots about a mile back, my feet were killing me! And the hangovet wasn't really helping, either.
I looked over to my right and was kind of put off by the dorty hobo walking along side me.
He stared back as I stopped walking. With wide eyes he raised the carton of milk to his lips and without even swallowing he said "Where's home, Peter?" Milk spilling from his mouth.

Walk away....just walk away slowly.

I ran off down the street, only looking back to find him hugging a post. That is one weird dude.


I got home at half past noon. The girls were still at school so I could just take some time alone to relax.

Walking up the stairs and into the bathroom, I took off the dress and the rest of my clothing, throwing each one in the washing bin. I got into the shower, washing all those memories out of my mind and evrry bit of smell of Gerard off of me. After extensive scrubbing, I finally fell clean.
Wrapping a towel around myself, I stepped in my room. Openning the drawers I put on some underwear and an oversized t-shirt.
Before falling onto the bed and going into some well needed sleep.
I woke up when I felt someone poke my forehead. "What?" I asked, then turning around to face whoever was disrupting my donut dream.

Bryn stood at the side of my bed. "Can I have a friend over?"

"The new guys I was telling you yesterday about."

"Yeah, sure" and thaf was pretty much the very short conversation before I fell asleep again.

I awoke the the doorbell ringing. Since I knew that no one was going to answer it. I got out of the comfy bed and down the stairs.
I open the door to be met bumy familiar hazel-green eyes and a smirk spreading across his face. Gerard. My eyes widen right before I shut the door in his face, putting my back against it.
This was not happening. We were both so drunk that he may not even remember me. But, then again that smirk was proof enough that he did remember. He can't be Bryn's crush/friend, why did it have to be someone that I have fucked? Why not the creepy hobo? Sure he was creepy...but cute?

This was not happenning.
This shit was not happenning.


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