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I'm slipping
In a time where all is either dark or gray
And the terrible headache never ends.

I'm falling
Into a seemingly never ending pit
Just to land on the cold ground
With an abyss of darkness as my only companion.

I'm screaming
Just to be heard by no one
And to fall into a stumped silence with no hope
Of ever being heard.

I'm watching
As my tears fall into a puddle
While everyone around me is laughing
And I'm condemned to watch on the sidelines.

I'm slipping,
And no one can ever know
Because I'm not allowed to hurt
Or be listened to
Or be heard
Or be seen.

That simply not allowed for me.
I'm supposed to be quite the actress
And pretend that I can only listen
And smile,
And congratulate,
But feeling isn't allowed
Because life for me is a game
And if you feel
You lose.

I'm falling deeper and deeper everyday
And I'm just screaming my lungs out in vain
Because I will never be heard
Or seen
Or noticed
And life will just go on for the rest
As they watch me
But don't see me.
They hear me
But aren't listening to me...
Because no one ever will...
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