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Punishment is harsh

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A private room, in the backstage of the DocNYC Film Festival. A brilliant and genuine young woman meet the sexiest man alive just for a brief moment. But they could have fun, anyway!

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The screening of 'Artifact' ended a few minutes ago and people had already started to leave the room, very loudly. Obviously, it was full of women, some of them very young, due to the presence of Jared Leto, sorry ... Bartholomew Cubbins, at the premiere. Francesca was taking part in a festival like that for the first time, but she doubted this was the Doc Nyc's usual audience.

Mr Cubbins had already left the auditorium, almost immediately after turning off the lights. In the showbusiness circle it was well known how he hated watch himself on the big screen, especially in the presence of some critics. Francesca wondered if he had already left the building too. She had met the Williams sisters that evening, they also featured in a documentary, and she did not repress the desire to see him, too. She estimated the two tennis players very much, but certainly the beautiful Jared attracted her more than them.

"Have you got your pass for authors?" - George was tugging her arm. She nodded, still peeking through the crowd. - "Ok! So wait for me in the back. There is a private room where you will find some kind of comfort. I have to talk to the secretary for those credits. I'll meet you there later!"

"But are you sure that we can rest in that room ...?" - She did not have time to get an answer because George had already evaporated.

"All right! Let's try! Pretend indifference and mingle among the people!" - She kept telling herself, while dribbling the crowd, she reached the rear and the coveted private room. No one stopped her, and no one asked to see her pass. Apparently, the level of security systems in New York was not as efficient as one would thought.

Opening the door she was almost sure that the room was empty. Low lights, no noise. Instead, look who was there, sitting on a couch, intent on munching popcorn! Exactly! That's him! Jared Leto! Bartholomew Cubbins ... pardon ... encore! She didn't know why, but she always confused them.

"Hey!" - He greeted her, still chewing.

"Hey!" - She greeted him too, wanting so badly to be one of those corn kernels. - "What are you still doing here? I thought you were gone a long time ago!"

She said it in a too explicit tone. It really seemed that she was looking for him.
Jared smiled at her. With that mischievous smile that for Jared meant only one thing. 'GOAL!'

"Were you at the premiere?" - He asked, blasting another popcorn into his mouth with a simple movement of the thumb.

Francesca nodded, perching on an empty table. Another one, against the wall, was jam-packed with food. But, for some reason, the hunger and the thirst were completely gone at the time. She stared at him for a few seconds and thought about his presentation of the film, which took place only shortly before. And she began to laugh, shaking her head.

"I make you laugh?" - Jared asked, partially surprised and amused.

"No, not at all!" - But she was still laughing. - "It's just that I was wondering if you ever reflect on what you say? On the reactions that you could trigger with your catchphrases? ​​"

He looked at her quizzically.

"Before, ... that ... thing ... about the punishment! … Come on, confess! Do you do it on purpose to make them excited?"

In the mind of Jared lit a light bulb! It was clear what the unknown girl was referring to. Shortly before, after introducing his film, he recommended with the audience not to film the video, otherwise his punishment would had been harsh. It was well known that he liked those little bdsm tricks, so his statement triggered a series of moans and squeals from the female people, and perhaps not only female, present in the room. He rose from the bench, leaving his bowl of popcorn, and approached the girl who, inexplicably especially for her, could ably hold his gaze, as if it were perfectly natural for her to be there and talk to him.

The look of Jared was even more provocative. As if he needed it. - "And I succeeded?"

The strenght of Francesca underwent an initial hesitation. - "Do what?"

"To excite them!"

"You should go back and see."

"You were there! You heard me. I could check with you." - Boom! Second shot. Even stronger.

Indeed she was it, excited! Everything about him made ​​her brain go haywire. And she immediately became prey of her wild hormones. Even though she was perfectly aware that this was only a way of doing for him, a game to have fun. Mother Nature was a huge bastard! As the Bard said 'Why you donated to the spirit of a demon a such sweet flesh?'

That thought made ​​her laugh again. Jared certainly did not have the soul of a Romeo, nevertheless she considered herself a Juliet.

"Will you stop laughing in my face!" - He rebuked her. It was not usual for him to be scoffed during one of his infallible attempts of seduction.

"I'm sorry! Please. Really ... but ... how do you do this? ... I mean, is it a technique perfected through years of experience or is it all natural talent? "

"Has anyone ever told you you're doing a lot of questions?" - He was visibly removed.

"Yes, of course! But mine is just professional interest. Do not fool yourself. Let's just say ... I am conducting a sort of sociological study on human behavior."

"Ah! If you're experimenting with new techniques for unmasculinizing a man, I tell you that laughters work a lot! "

Francesca could not say why she did it, although she had got a tiny idea of it, but she approached herself to him with one hand, while the other one suddenly fell on his pack.

"You don't look so emasculated" - She whispered.

Jared swung his eyes open, shocked. It had never happened to such a woman, that is not one of the usual dolls bitches groupie, acted that way with him. She seemed one of those intellectual girls who always gravitate around events like that, especially in New York. She was sexy, though. Like one of those erotic schoolmarms who wore anonymous gray suits, but with high heels and fishnet stockings. He placed his hand on hers, holding it on the 'small' Leto Junior, who was beginning to come alive. Oh my God! She could not say it was small at all! With his free hand he brought her face close to his, taking possession of her by mouth. He bit her hungrily everywhere, lips, cheekbones, nose, without cause her any pain but pleasure. Then, finally, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, savoring every drop greedily.

"Oh, fuck! Excuse me! " - George exclaimed, peeping through the door. He started to leave, but when he recognized Francesca in one of the two bodies locked together, he stopped.

"Francesca? Are you? " - He asked rhetorically.

The girl jumped off the table, resettled herself better.

"Did you find what you needed?" - Francesca asked, nonchalantly.

"I do! And you? " - George replied, pointing with his eyes Jared, who had not turned yet, waiting for his 'exuberance' returned to normal levels.

"Do you know Jared Leto?"

Jared finally turned to shake hands with the newcomer. He would gladly avoided it. It would be enough only few minutes more ... well, knowing himself, maybe half an hour.

"Not as well as you, of course! ... Just by the name!" - The man replied sarcastically.

The color over the face of Francesca had returned to almost normal, and even her voice was cheerful and ironic as it was before the 'rub'.

"George is a colleague of Mr Cubbins! Also ... he has a film in competition ... in the section reserved for foreign films."

Ah! Here's what they did there. The guy was a director and she ... what was? His companion?... His wife? But ... he did not seem too upset about caught her with another man.

George sighed heavily and whispered to the girl who he would wait in the corridor, but to hurry.

"Is he your boyfriend?" - Jared asked, softly, when they were alone again. Well, boy maybe wasn't the right word. That guy was at least fifty.

"Georgie? Seriously? " - She giggled quietly, not to be heard. - "He's a friend who I helped in the making of a film. I'm ... kind of a producer! "

"Good!" - He thought. - "So, maybe the evening is not ruined at all!"

But at the same time the girl leaned forward popping a kiss on his cheek, and a flip. - “Well, I'm going! It was really a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cubbins! Really a great PLEASURE!" - She said, emphasizing the word 'pleasure' so mischievous.

"Wait a minute! Where are you going? "

He stopped her by an arm, while she was almost turned to leave. He was left with egg on his face. And yes, it was really a very cute face! … So what? No satisfaction for Leto Junior?

"I have a plane in two hours. Let's go back to London tonight!"

"And our little sociological study?"

Francesca joined his face one more time, brushing that perfect features first with her index tip, then with her nose and finally with her lips.

"I guess I'll have to look for another selfish and sex-addicted rock star to test at home! But I doubt that I'll still be so fucking lucky!"
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