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Chapter 1- The Grandmother

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This part of the story I wasn't really able to understand what was going on, but my grandmother told me over and over again what happened in the beginning so this is her POV.

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This is what happened the night that the hospital called.

I was just tucked up in bed, reading a good mystery novel and enjoying how quiet and cosy the apartment was now that my daughter, your mother, and your father had left the apartment with you after finding a new home to live in.

Still, even as I sat in bed trying to read I was concerned. Yesterday I had gone over to see you, my darling little almost 8 month old granddaughter, and I was not impressed by your parents attitude.

Firstly they didn't like that I had come over unannounced (even though they lived a few minutes walk away from me).

Secondly, as I walked through the house the state of it disgusted me- it looked as though they were raising you in filth, grime and dust.

Thirdly, when I came to see you my heart broke. The smell was as clear as day- you needed to be changed.

When I suggested that very fact to your father, he shrugged it off and tried to get me to go into the garden rather than look after you- even went as so far as to put his hand on my shoulders and quite forcibly remove me from the room.

Fuming I steered myself back in and picked you up. Of course it was hard to see you seeing as the curtains had been closed, but I picked you up none the less and nearly dropped you from shock- you were so thin!

Impossibly thin for a baby of your age, and when I was holding you in my arms you whimpered, a sound that to this day still haunts me. It was a sound that not many children could make- the sound of being scared to make any sort of sound at all.

Your father insisted that I change you in the dark but by then I just wanted to clean you up. I could barely see you but it terrified you that I was changing you.

After I had changed you your father put you back in your cot and finally pushed me out of the room and out of the house and told me that I had to call before coming over again and slammed the door in my face.

I shuddered at the door slamming as I turned the page of my novel.

That was when the phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked as I answered the phone on my nightstand.

"Good Evening this is Hornsby Hospital, your daughter asked that we call you. You need to come to the hospital immediately"

"Oh my God is she alright?" I gasped as I got out of bed.

"She is fine. It's your Granddaughter. She is in intensive care"
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