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Slipping through

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A series of one shots between me and Cody Rhodes. Don't judge I DO NOT OWN WWE. But one day i will. hehe ;) i own my character, and the plots. SillyHead Productions & F.A. Entertainmen...

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Chapter 1

Cody Walks into the locker room and sees Frank stretching before his match.


"Hi.You okay?".


Cody continues to stare at Frank.

"Are you just going to stare at me for the next couple of minutes?".

"Maybe. Cody says as he winks.

Frank just smiles.

"We can have a conversation while I stretch y'know".

"I know".

Cody walks a little closer to Frank.

"But first I want to do this".

Cody runs and grabs Frank as he gently tackles him to the ground.

"Ah! What are you doing?!".

"Cody starts tickling Frank.


He gets on top of Frank.

Frank says"I hate you! You suck!".

Cody smiles and says"I know".

"What if someone like Dolph or Punk walks in?".

"Who cares. Let them walk in. And if any of them do, then They''ll know....kiss....That I.....Kiss....Have you".
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