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Oneshot for FightingForever.

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Fighting Forever gets all the credit for the plot and so, I just have to put it into words, and I am actually unsure if I can do it justice, r&r to let me know if I have!

Frank sat at his desk, waiting for Vikki to come out of the boss' office with information on their new hit. You see, Frank and Vikki are highly trained assassins. They are the best of the best and you couldn't even trace it back down to them. That's how good they were.

Vikki exited her boss' office, and sat down on Frank's desk, leaning towards him.

"We got a new hit, Frankie. This guy knows waaaaay too much. And the guy leaking information to him is too valuable to kill. It's a shame, because the guy we gotta kill is freakin' hot. You probably know him Frankie. His name is Gerard Way."

Frank's face fell immediately when he heard this. That could only mean that because he tells Gerard what he does at work and so on, he's unknowingly signed his boyfriend's death certificate. Oh. This is bad. This is really bad.

"I'll be back." Frank muttered and stood up, heading for the door until his fellow killer grabbed him by the wrist and pressed their forehead's together. This was way too close for comfort, Frank thought.

"You can hide him all you want, Frankie, but one way or another, that boyfriend of yours is gonna be 6 feet under." She hissed in Frank's face. Frank just pulled his arm away from her and turned away. He was honestly terrified for his boyfriend's life. Vikki is ruthless. She won't stop until the person is dead. Only this time it happens to be the man Frank loves.

Frank ran to his car in a hurry, not plugging in his seatbelt when he began speeding his way home. He skipped traffic lights, even ran a person over, he didn't care. He had to get to Gerard.

When Frank arrived home, Gerard greeted him, as usual, even though he was confused as to why Frank had arrived home so early, but Frank didn't respond.

His response was grabbing his boyfriend and tossing him in the car, quickly driving off. Frank was panicking. What if he couldn't keep Gerard safe? What if Gerard died? Gerard didn't harm anyone, he knew for a fact that Gerard would keep everything secret, and here he was, disrupting his boyfriend's life, because he made a stupid mistake. Gerard hadn't even done anything except listen!

Frank began driving, fury clouding his eyes as he realised that this; was all his fault.

"Frank, what's going on?" Gerard asked him. Gerard's innocence, his love and compassion, everything he did was for good, he never hurt anyone, and that is what made Frank even more guilty. Gerard didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve the death penalty, and Frank will be damned if he was gonna let Gerard die.

"Gee.. I fucked up." Frank muttered sadly. Gerard began rubbing Frank's arm soothingly, unsure of what Frank was talking about but he didn't want to press the situation.

Frank stopped driving after what seemed like hours. They'd stopped in a small town just outside of Chicago and they checked into a motel, Frank immediately explaining to Gerard what had happened. Gerard burst into tears at the discovery of his supposed death penalty.

"I won't let you die, Gee. I promise." Frank whispered before beginning to console the older man.

At that moment, as if on cue, Vikki burst through the door, guns cocked and loaded, aiming at Gerard. Frank pulled out his gun and hissed at her.

"If you want to kill Gee, you gotta go through me first." He growled. Gerard widened his eyes, his heart hammering in his chest.

"Fine, Frankie. I'm only doing my job." Vikki pointed her gun and Frank and fired several shots, Frank falling to the ground instantly, his breathing became shallow as blood begins to pour out of his wounds. Gerard picked up Frank's gun and held it shakily, unsure if it was even loaded and he fired. He caught Vikki it the shoulder on the first time and walked up to her, holding the gun to her forehead.

"You're gonna pay for that, you bitch." Gerard's finger lingered over the trigger before finally he pulled it, sending a defeaning shot into Vikki's head, watching her fall to the ground. The last thing she saw was Gerard's dead eyes. In his opinion, she got everything she deserved.
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