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The Result Of My Depression

by Abicus 1 review

I guess this is poetry. I don't know, I just feel low. So w/e

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Every tear that falls is a symbol of the endless sadness I go through, now that I've lost you. When my mother looks beneath my battered shell she can rarely glimpse a slither of who I used to be. I LIKED being that person. I smiled daily and in my world the sun always shone, and we walked hand in hand on a beach of happiness towards the sea, towards our fate. Because everyone knows when a storm blows ships sink. It was just that our buoyancy was made from a fabric of mistakes and insecurity, thats why we sank. We drifted apart, taken by the cruel waves of consequence, and eventually our fabric snapped. I miss you as I drift further out towards the horizon, I hope you made it back to the beach, you deserve to feel the golden rays of a cheerful sun beat down on you and your true love. I wish I could have been that true love. But love is like a rose, and a rose has many petals. You just need to find which petal ends with She/He loves me.

Been feeling pretty down about something that happened in May and it helps to write crap. I didn't even check this before putting it on here and it took like 10 minutes altogether. Straight from the mind! Except the last quote, which my dear friend Santiago told me
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