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The Best Cup of Coffee

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A short story about the invention of the Coffee Filter by Melitta Bentz

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Farmer Mr. Hanson Goodrich presented us with a kind of problem in his invention of the modern coffee percolator in 1889. How does one begin to tackle the job of making a good cup of coffee? Making the best cup of coffee? Melitta Bentz was faced with this problem in the early 1900s. Being a loving family engineer, she wanted to find a way in which to remove the bitterness from the coffee bean.
It was not as easy as it may seem. One would think that a pair of panty hose or cheese cloth could have been used. But these items were not created at the time. Can you imagine Melitta looking at her coffee pot or the coffee beans on the counter, trying to figure out a resolution? Melitta tested pot after pot and cup after cup. She did not decide to get rid of the coffee pot and coffee bean and grant it as useless. No, there had to be a way to make a good cup of coffee that would taste good to her family. She knew that the water would need to be filtered through something that would have holes small enough to retain the grounds but large enough to allow the hot water to pass through quickly and not tear. She created the coffee filter in 1908 and the rest is coffee history. The intricately woven mesh fiber of the coffee filter is still what brings the best cup of coffee over a century later.
But one may find intriguing is the details of the road to the best cup of coffee. What she found during her trek is that she needed a constant supply of good filters. That in order to accomplish the best cup of coffee, the integrity of the filter was paramount. The grounds of the best and freshest coffee bean put into a faulty filter would never render a good cup of coffee. The filter would tear or rupture causing the grounds to get into the coffee. The coffee filter would need to be replaced after the intensity of the hot water passed through the mesh filter just after one pot. So that the best cup of coffee could be achieved. The good taste could not get through, unless the integrity of the filter was intact.

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