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Look, Kids, It's A Gosh Dang Author's Note

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It's been a year, and I can still never hope to be as eloquent with words as my good friend AJ.

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A year ago today, I joined FicWad.

Aw, shit, is this gonna be another one of those cheesy notes that everyone makes about this kinda thing? Yes. Yes it will be. But it'll be short, so no worries.

I guess I wanna start by saying that I'm really glad that I joined this site, because despite all the emotional stress it has caused me (haha lol) I've made a lot of really great friends, and I'm proud to say that I'm a part of the FicWad family. A weird, fucked up family, and maybe not all complete, but we're still here.

Ever since I had that meltdown in February and "officially left", I think I changed a lot. I started another account under the name beatus_quinn to post stories more anonymously, but it didn't really work out. Some of you guys know about it.

I also became less dependent on this site. For a while, I logged on every single day and read stuff and interacted for a long time, and it kind of became one of the only things that made me happy. It was unhealthy, plus when shit started going down, it was really stressful for me and I had to get away and take a break or something. So now I've learned to not be so addicted to coming here, but I admit that it still makes me really happy.

I really missed you guys.

I don't know what I'm even rambling about anymore.

Anyway, I guess you can expect more stories from me coming up, I've got a couple in the works, and hopefully everyone is alright. I hope you guys are all good right now.

I'm starting sophomore year tomorrow, and I know a bunch if you guys are starting/have started school, and I hope that this year is not too bad for everyone.

This is kind of a useless note, sorry. I guess I just thought, hey, it's been a year. Cool. It feels like I've been here forever, though.

See ya later.
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