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Slipping through chapter 5

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Me and Damien Sandow. I DO NOT OWN WWE. I own allupcoming plots and my character.

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Damien: Aren't you a little nervous that people will be disgusted about our situation of us being in love of the same sex gender?

Frank: No. And if they can't accept it then that's not our problem is it?.

Damien: No. You're right.

Frank: And besides....Who gived a flying fuck what they think. What are they gonna do do? Deny us? Hate us because we'rein love with eahother? Just follow my lead and you'll be fine. Okay?.

Damien sighs then puts his hands through his hair.

Damien: Okay.

Frank: Good. Now let's go.We're gonna be late for thanksgiving dinner.

All of the WWE roster is sitting at the table in Triple H's house. After saying grace and saying what we're all thankful for, Damien stands up.

Damien: Everyone please shush. I have something that I have to say.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Okay...What's up?.

Damien: Me and Frank love eachother. We've been dating for a little over time span of one year and even though both us are guys, it doesn't matter. If anyone is against it then the hell with you guys and your unborn babies. He truely understands me and I love that about him so-

Frank kisses Damien and everyone claps out of happiness.
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