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Slipping through chapter 7

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Me and Big E "Ettitore" Langston.

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Movie Talk

Me and Big E Langston are at the movies. We're watching the horror movie 'the conjouring'. He texts me.

(Big E langston=B.E.L.)

B.E.L.-Hey :)

F- Hey! Are you really texting me while we are suppose suppose to be watching the movie? lol.

B.E.L.- Yeah. lol. But I have to talk to you about something though. :p

F- Oh. What's on your mind? o.0

B.E.L.- I just wanted to say that I'm having fun being with you tonight. Thanks for taking me out, I really needed to get my mind off that weirdo, Jack swagger. lol.

F- Aw, you welcome Sweet cakes! lol. Hehe. ;)

B.E.L.- Tehe...;) And one more thing...I think we should start dating. It's been killing me to see you with these bumbs you went out with. :/

F- Oh my goodness! Yes! :) Just as long as you have time for me. :/

B.E.L.- I promise, Babe. :)
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