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It's 5 o'clock somewhere

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Izzy realizes what he did last night.

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After finishing myself off in the shower, I turned the water to cold.
What the fuck was going on with me? I rested my head against the cold tiling of the shower.
Everything was fine until I walked into that fucking bar and met Amy Rose again.
I couldn’t get a straight thought. Every single time I tried to focus on something I thought about her hair, her beautiful smile, how good she smelled or now: her fucking legs and her perfect ass. Great. Fucking Great. I wished Slash just had let me sleep it off. Because now I wouldn’t find any sleep at all. Ever again.

I just had to get myself under control. Think straight. Get dressed, take painkillers and get boozed up again. That’s the way Slash dealt with everything. Didn’t sound bad so far. Maybe I’d be able to forget those pink panties on her heart shaped ass. Ughhh.
Was the water really cold? I didn’t notice.

Turning the water off I reached for a towel and wrapped it around my hips.
I wiped the mirror and looked at myself strongly. I looked like shit. I really needed to get some sleep or these fucking painkillers at least.
Opening the bathroom door I turned to my room. My gaze ran over the mess in there. What the hell did I do last night?
There were sheets of paper everywhere and it seemed I was writing down notes and parts of lyrics. Lyrics? I normally didn’t do lyrics. That was Axl’s part. I was the rhythm guy. I filled in the blanks and blended riffs and beats into a song. What the fuck was going on here?
Still standing in the door looking at the mess I felt a soft hand on my back.
‘Izzy?’ I heard Amy’s voice and turned. ‘I just want…’ she broke off as she threw a look at my place. ‘Wow. Quite messy, aren’t you? What happened in here?’
I shrugged. ‘I have no fucking idea. What’s going on? I need to get dressed.’ I said rudely as I realized she was staring at towel. Yeah. Sure. As if…

She gave me a little smile. ‘Just wanted to let you know I made pancakes. Saved some for you before Slash could eat them all.’
I suddenly felt bad for being so rude. ‘Thanks. I’ll be there in a few. Just let me get dressed and clean up a bit.’
‘Great. I’ll make you some coffee. You look like you’ll need a strong one’
We had coffee? I was confused. Not that I was complaining. But it suddenly felt like a real home again and not like the G’n’R Hellhouse.
‘Cool. Thanks’ I said.
She nodded, turned and closed the door on her way out.

Jumping into my black pants I tried to figure out what on hell I was high on last night. I was sure I didn’t just get drunk. Booze did make me pass out at some point. But yesterday it seemed that I’d gotten really creative. I grabbed a black button down shirt and my favourite scarf. Kicking my laundry in one corner I picked up a paper bag.
Written on both sides of the bag there was a whole song. Lyrics and some notes. Strange.
I grabbed my guitar and tried the cords I’d written down. It was really nice. I had to talk to Slash about a cool riff for that. I didn’t worry about the lyrics much. Because I knew if I did, it would scare the shit out of me.

I put on some boots and dug through my stuff at the side of my bed. I grabbed my cigarettes and put one of my joints into the breast pocket of my shirt. I threw one of the cigarettes to my lips and lightened it. Then I finally found the painkillers. Sweet Jesus!
I poured 2 of them down with the last Vodka from the flask I found there, too.
Now I was ready for breakfast with Amy. Heaven help me.

When I got into the kitchen, Slash sat on the counter with a bottle of Jack. Yeah. It surely is 5 pm somewhere else. I chuckled.
Duff was already sitting at the table eating pancakes.
‘Oh. Sugar, these are really good. You have no idea how long it has been since we had real food.’ He squeezed a lot of maple syrup out of the bottle onto his pancakes.
I sat down next to him, still smoking my cigarette. Amy set a mug of coffee in front of me.
‘Here you go, handsome.’ She winked at me leaned on the counter.
I threw a look at Slash and he raised an eyebrow. Showing him the finger, I raised the mug to my mouth.
‘Man, you look like shit.’ Duff mumbled between the chewing of his pancakes.
‘Yeah, tell me something new.’ I just said.
‘Hey, man. What were you just playing?’ Slash asked nosily.
‘Yeah, about that…’ I sighed ‘It seems I really got creative last night. Any idea what shit I have been taking? I wrote a fucking song, dude.’
Slash laughed out loud.
‘You’re fucked up, man. Maybe you got some uppers from my stash.’ Slash took a sip from his bottle. ‘What’ve you been writing? Let’s go and jam a little.’ He jumped off the counter and went to the living room.
Still chewing on his last pancake, Duff jumped off his chair and followed Slash. ‘Wait, dude. I’ve got to get my guitar.’
I put out the cigarette and let out a sigh.
‘You don’t want pancakes?’ Amy asked.
‘Nah, thanks. Ain’t that hungry. Still hung over.’ I shrugged and got up to get my guitar from my room.
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