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Slipping through chapter 11

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Me and Dolph Ziggler, Ted Dibiase Jr.

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Come with me then

Me and Dolph are in his room. I'm sitting on the bed picking at my shirt aimlessly. He is packing up his finishing packing up his suitcases.

My p.o.v.
I'm happy for Dolph that he is singed to the WWE but I'm sad that he is gonna be moving and I won't see him again. We've been friends for 5 years and we have been through so much. Taking a vacation together in Atlantic City for a week. When he graduated college, and went undefeated in his wrestling division. I was so happy for him, he did really well. Dolph was the only one who cheered me up when I was depressed. Outside of my family he really listened to me and reassured me not to let anyone's stupid comments get to me. To just stay focused. When I graduated highshool and I got signed as a writer, getting paid to write and act in short films-he hugged me so tight, I felt so happy and safe in his arms. Dolph made me laugh so much and sometimes we would sleep over eachother's houses, or I would visit him and we would hangout, while we talk for hours on end. The first time we kissed on years eve I never felt so....I can't pick a word to describe what I felt that night but his lips are soft and when his tounge touched my tounge-I melted due to how hot it made me feel. I even turned red from when I accidently saw him naked but his body is sexy. I'm gonna miss you. I wish you didn't have to go.

Dolph's p.o.v.
I can't believed I got signed to the WWE! Man, all these years of wrestling and training I'm ready to live out my dreams and win a couple of championships!. But when I look at Frank, a big part of my heart feels crushed. He means alot to me. When I had my heart broken by Ted Dibiase jr. he was there for me. All those nigts when we had heart to heart conversations he inspired me to follow my dreams. While we watched a movie maybe two, or a basketball game we used to cuddle and fall asleep together but we never had sex. The day he got signed to a small publishing/acting agency company he cried in my arms out of happiness because I remember he told me about all those assholes that said he will never achieve his dreams. I'm so proud of him but at the same time I'm gonna be traveling on the road, and I'm not sure if my heart can take being away from him. I'm gonna miss him. I been falling in love with him and he doesn't know it, but he makes me feel like the happiest man in the world. I just wish I could tell you I love you, Frank.

I close the door one last time and follow Dolph into the living room. Damn . I feel like I'm about to have a stroke. Please Dolph. I will be miserable without you. The silence between us is awkward. He hugs me the way hat he used to. Shit. C'mon don't cry like a newborn baby. Be strong.

Frank: I don't want you to go.

Dolph: Neither do I. I.....I love you.

I couldn't believe it. He said he loves me.

I look up at him (I'm short in real life 5'2 :/).

Frank: I love you too.

Dolph: I have to go soon. 10 more minutes.

Frank: No. Don't....Don't go.

Dolph: I...

He gets a phone call.

(On the phone-Barry).

Dolph: Hello?.

Bary: Hey is this Nick 'Dolph Ziggler' Nemeth?.

Dolph: Yes, who this?.

Barry: Hi, I'm a wrestling agent my name is Barry Jarvis I'm the owner and manager of a wrestling company called EWA. What is the contract of money the WWE has offered you?.

Dolph: $70,000 to start, why?.

Barry: Have you accepted it?.

Dolph: No.We still have to negotiate.

Barry: Good. I want to offer you $80,000 per show locally. There will be taxes outof your check, but the farthest you will have to travel is 8 hours. Oh, and I also get a 10% cut.And you will have time to see your family and what not because family is important. What do you say?.

Dolph: I accept!.

Barry: Good. See you next wedensday.

Dolph: Thank you, sir.

They hangup.

Dolph: Yeah! I'm staying! .

He yells.

I jump on him and kiss him intensively.

Frank: I love you too!.

Dolph is wrestling for EWA and I act/write short films. We moved from NewYork to HollyWood, Florida and we have a wonderful relationship.
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