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Slipping through chapter 12

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AJ Lee and Kaitlyn

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Side note: Hey! Sorry, I haven't posted another chapter in a couple days. I been busy fixing up my schedule for school, applying for a job, and getting ready for my second year in college :)

Hey, you. I like you.

Aj is in her class in Penn State University. Kaitlyn's classes ended two days ago at Columbia University. Her and AJ are texting eachother.

k-Hey! :)

Aj-Hey!....Kaitlyn, I'm in class right now! lol.

k-Your such a nerd! lol.

Aj- But I'm your nerd :)

K-That you are. :)

K-How'd you do this semester?.

K-I got a 3.7 gpa.

AJ-Sorry. I stopped payin attention because you bore

K- :(

AJ-Just got out of class. I got a 3.75 gpa for my first semester.

K-Nice! Comgrats, my sexy greek-hispanic godess ;)

AJ-Stop! Your making me blush! Hehe :)

K-I can also make you moan and cum ;)

Aj-I think I'd like that. Just like on thanksgiving night ;) You were amazing :D

K-Like wise. :)

AJ-I miss you babyy :( I've been lonely without you :'(

K-I miss you too, boo :( I don't have my chica with meh :/

Aj-I'm your boo huh?

K-Nope :D ;)

AJ-Well, then! lol. Your my boo too. :)
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