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Slipping through chapter 13

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AJ & Kaitlyn.

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Slipping through is my first fan fiction novel. I'm writing one shots with AJ & Kaitlyn. I hope you like it! It's part of slipping through.

Christmas morning

Kaitlyn whispers.

Kaitlyn: Psssst. Aj.

AJ: Hmm.

Kaitlyn: Wake up.

AJ: I'm sleeping. And you shoulddo the same too.

Kaitlyn: It's christmas morning. Plus it's 10:30 so wake up. C'mon, sleepy head.

AJ: Five more minutes.

Kaitlyn: Okay.

She goes downstairs and watches TV.

One hour later.

Kaitlyn turns off the TV and sighs. She goes upstairs and sees AJ going through her closet.

Kaitlyn: Good morning sleeping beauty.

AJ: Hey. I have your present for you. Merry Christmas, babe.

Kaitlyn's thoughts: I must of zoned out or something because I didn't hear the shower run or even her footsteps. She has small feet, I swear she must have been been a mouse before she was born.

Kaitlyn: Thanks hun! .

She gets a shirt that says "I SPEAR life".

Kailtyn: Sit on he bed and close your eyes.

Aj sits on the bed and closes her eyes.

Kaitlyn undoes her white robe.

Kaitlyn: Okay.Open.

AJ: Damn!.

She is wearing a black short pajama dress that shows off her boobs and her 5 star curves that wave around her thick body. The bottom edge of her langerie pajama dress shows her thighs, slightly below her waist.

Aj bites her lip seductively.

Aj: I want you so bad.
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