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You, and only you

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After sticking up for her in highschool, WWE star Sheamus runs into tori many years later. Will old feelings arrive, or will bad blood be spilt. Seems better than it sounds. ;)

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ori's p.o.v. (point of view)

For six months, all the kids in school have been calling me a whorre because apparntly, I lore guys into my bedroom,and let them have there way with me. Everyone in the school knows that's not true. Even my closest friends know that's a lie. To me, it's total bullshit. Why would I want to do things with a bunch of jerks' that don't love there girl friends let alone the fact that those aren't the type of guys I find attractive. Not one bit. My heart doesn't belong to any of them. It belongs to a guy that saved me from getting the shit kicked out of me. Twenty people people showed up to my highschool, and said that I slept with there boy friends. A few of there boy friends were there too. It was 17 against 1. An unfair battle. Once we exchanged words the main girl (Trish) yelled" you slept with my boy friend you fucking bitch!". She,and a few other girls went to kick my ass until some guy walked towards them with a crazy, demented look in his eyes. He stood toe to toe, face to face with them. A 6'1 muscular guy. Damn he is pretty hot. Snap out of it! Focus Tori!. He knew what they were saying about me. Everyone did. Including the teachers. He knew it didn't seem to bother me on the outside but on the inside, it destroyed me.

He said to trish's boy friend Alan.

?: Back off while you still can. I will hurt you in front of everyone. Back off immeditaley.

Alan: No way. That bitch over there is a slut.

?: Do you like food to go?.

Awkwardly Alan says" yeah....Why?".

?: Because I have 3 ass whoopings and 3 brouge kicks to go if you don't back up now.

Alan, startled and nervous, but doesn't show it says "fuck you".

The guy smiles as Alan, flexes at him as a gesture to say "i'm not scared of you. Bring it". All the people behind Alan, take a baby step near Alan,so they all face the guy. He gives an evil smile to all of them, taking Alan's head and hitting his face against the wall as hard as he could. He punches Alan a few times. Then Alan's friend Phil, runs to the guy, and he close lines Phil. Phil's friend Paul tries to fight the guy, but he brogue kicks Paul. Everyone backs away slowly and walks away. He stares at them with a cold, angry look and he asks me"are you okay?". I didn't know what to say, so I nodded that I'm fine. He says "I'm Stephen. Nice to meet you". As he smiles. I studder and say" I-I'm Tori. Hi." As we exchange numbers an talk for a few minutes he walked away. Like a blushing-creepy ho in the cafeteria i look at him and smile,as my heart smiles too. He was in good shape. Had good hair. Attractive. And he is friendly. My god, how I would like to kiss the hell out of him. he is brave. Courageous. Smart. Genuine. And how he beats those guys up indeed, he looked pretty sexy. It kind of turned me on,and rite now i'm blushing like a freaking tomato. Damn, I'm weird. Oh well. He saved me. My hero. Sheamus.

Chapter 2
Sheamus' P.O.V.

Today was interesting. I saved a her life. I felt bad. A lot of people were spreading rumors about her, and even though they were going to hurt her I didn't want that to happen. Why would a group of ass wipes try to ruin her life? Why would they try to hurt her? She's too nice to hurt anyone. she's not the girl everyone is making her out to be. Those guys got what they deserve. They got a taste of there own medicine. But that's beside the fact. The main point is I can't stop thinking about Tori. I saw her staring at me. Admittedly I wanted to hold. I wanted to kiss her. Tori is more beautiful. Big black eyes. brown hair. Though seeing her smile isn't something I have yet to see in a few years, I'd like to be the man to do so. Looking at her number in my phone makes me want to call her and tell her how I fell about her. Who does she like? Does she like me? Does she love me? I'm not sure, but I hope she does. Man up, Sheamus. It might not happen, but hey never have no in your heart, because you just never know. I love you, Tori. And to be with you, and love you. I'll be victorious.

Tori's P.O.V.

It's been a couple days since I seen Sheamus. m even texted him, and calling him like crazy. He hasn't been answering and I hope everything is okay. I see him. We've been friends since middle school, and I have never seen him like this, where he is in a pissed off mood. I mean, I've seen him mad, but not like this where one nasty look,or one foul comment and he will rip someone's head off. Hopefully with my presence I can cheer him up.

Tori: Hi!.

Sheamus: Hey....

Tori: What's up?.

Sheamus: Nothing really. And yourself?.

Tori: Not much. Can I ask you a question?.

Sheamus: Sure, go for it.

Tori: Are you okay?.

Sheamus: I'm doing just fine. everything is quite peachy. A real freaking treat. Why do you ask?.

Tori: I'm just wondering. If you need anyone to talk to, you can always talk to me. I'm here. Just hit me up.

Sheamus: Thanks. I gotta go. I'll talk to you soon.

Tori: Okay!. Recces pieces.

I gave him a hug. And although it was for like 30 seconds I wish it was longer. What dumbfounded me was the fact that I said" recces pieces". Oh brother. Who says says that? I sound just like my dad. Really Tori? Really? Recces pieces? You are so lame!. even though he seemed to be in a pissed off mood, I think that me putting my chin lightly on his shoulder cheered him up. I felt him smile a little bit. I hope he likes me. For goodness sakes, he saved me life. If I can just kiss him once. Or hold him tightly I wouldn't let go of him. I sound creepy, but I don't care. if I only could cure one problem-his eyes. I love looking in them. I get lost in my own thoughts, it's like hypnotism. They're dreamy. Oh god, what's wrong with me? Blushing sucks, I hate it but I love it when he makes me blush. I hate how he is with Beth. He should be with me. He deserves better. Sheamus is unhappy with her. I wish I can tell him how I feel. He makes me smile more than my boyfriend Johnny. I refuse to give up. I'll be victorious. I look at my phone, and I get a text. It's from Sheamus.

Chapter 3
I look at my phone. His text message reads:

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