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The Parent Trap

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Identical twins that were separated at birth meet up again at summer camp.

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[A/N] - Sorry this took so long to upload! By the way Mia, you are the other twin:) And also, this won't be 100% like the movie because it was like 2 hours long and I barely remember it ;L

Jasmine Price got off the yellow bus that had driven her from the airport to the summer camp along with the rest of the kids who’d been picked up from the airport “Has anyone seen my bag?” She asked in an American accent, looking up and down the piles of suitcases for her yellow rucksack. Eventually she spotted it right at the bottom of the pile. She rolled her eyes and started tugging at the straps.

“Do you need some help?” A voice from behind asked her. Jasmine turned around and came face-to-face with a girl who was a little smaller than she was with short ginger hair and large oval glasses.

“I would love some thank you.” They both grabbed a strap of the bag each and started tugging but it wouldn’t budge “Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait. What’s your name?”

“Paris.” The small girl smiled, looking in awe at the girl with long dark purple hair, dark brown eyes and rosy cheeks “What’s yours?”

“Jasmine.” She smiled back at Paris and then noticed a tall girl standing near the pile of suitcases who successfully managed to grab her own suitcase from the bottom of the pile and pull it out expertly “Excuse me? Could you help me get my bag out please?”

“Of course.” The girl was tall with jaw-length black hair and wearing long blue dungarees “I guess you’re new here.”

“Is it that obvious?” Jasmine laughed “I’m Jasmine and this is Paris. And you are?”

“Isadora. It’s nice to meet you both.” She pulled the yellow rucksack out within a matter of seconds “What cabin are you guys in?” It turned out they were all in the purple cabin together “Great! So we might as well be friends then.”

“Sounds good to me.” Jasmine smiled as the three of them walked off to find their cabin.

As they did, a long black limo pulled up just inside the campsite but the girls were too busy chatting to notice. A girl with long dark black hair and brown eyes with rosy cheeks stepped out of the back of the limo. She looked remarkably like Jasmine “Here’s your suitcase Mia.” Her butler Seamus said, pulling out the boot of the limo and putting it down beside her “Now, do you have your emergency money? And the phone number your Mother put down in case you got homesick and wanted me to fetch you early? And what about your plane ticket?”

“Yes, yes, I have all of that.” Mia told him in a posh British accent “Don’t worry about me Seamus.”

“You know me Mia; I’ll definitely be worrying about you.” Seamus smiled “Maybe you’ll finally find someone here who can beat you at poker. Do you have your cards?”

“Of course.” Mia said, pulling them out of her pocket to show him before putting them back “I’ll be okay now Seamus, honestly.”

“Well there’s one more thing before you go.” He grinned and held his hand out for her to shake. She took his hand and shook it. They went on shaking it for a while before performing their secret handshake. They never did it in front of Mia’s Mom which made her like it even more “And also,” Seamus said when they’d finally finished the handshake “Your Mother told me to give you this.” And with that, he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug.

Mia hugged him back “I shall miss you Seamus but I’ll be back before you know it.”

“I will be counting down the days.” Seamus laughed “Goodbye Mia, have a wonderful time.”

He got back into the front of the car and returned to the airport so he could head back to England. Mia turned around and walked over to the camp counsellor “Excuse me, my name’s Mia Cassem. Do you know what cabin I’m in?”

“Yes, you’re in the orange cabin right over there.” The friendly camp counsellor told her with a large grin.

Mia nodded politely and went off to find her cabin.

[A/N] – Sorry it’s short and crap so far but I’m hoping it’ll get better ;L
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