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Sirens play in the distance, a concert with no tune.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-09-04 - 308 words

I've no idea what the hell this is. I haven't even read it myself yet, I just started writing (even though I hadn't wanted to) and... this happened, I guess.

Starbursts in the sky and bottle of hemlock in my pocket,
Day after day, I wish I could swallow it.
Down it in one and be gone with these sins,
My white lies turned black, turned viscous, turned evil,
I fell off of the path of happiness so long ago,
I don’t want a way back,
I want a way to keep on choking,
Hyperventilation is the only way forward,
Screams in the back of my mind,
My torture today is someone else’s tomorrow,
And bottles spread across the floor and the freshly dead are hollow,
Burn the witch, burn the bitch,
Shred her clothes and tie her up,
She doesn’t deserve dignity, not even in death,
She’s a traitor and a liar and all of those words she once said,
Lie upon lie and she didn’t even try,
Bye, say goodbye,
And laugh it off tomorrow,
When I’m gone, when I’m gone,
Pack your backs and leave,
Place lipstick kisses on my stone cold cheeks,
Farewells are forever, so this shan’t be so,
And the suffocation from a distant tomorrow,
Leaves nothing but discarded needles and bottles piled high with sorrow,
Tears entwine with emotions that were never my own,
And if I’m winning, then I’m losing, ‘cause I’m still alone,
A barefooted trek across the pure white snow,
Collapsed now, shallow breaths and broken bones,
So far away from the day before, suffocation over screams,
A perfect portrait of lost hope and crushed dreams,
Sirens play in the distance, a concert with no tune,
And a snow-quilted body lies under the full moon.
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