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First 'Day' At College

by Hozzie 1 review

Okay, technically not my first day ;L

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Hi guys! :D

So I had my first day of college today... Well, not really my first day, we just had taster sessions of the lessons we'd be taking :) So here's how it went down...

Originally I wanted to do Communication & Culture but there weren't enough people who wanted to take it so I had to switch to Media Studies and let me tell you, I loved it!:) We had to go round the class and say our name and what our favourite TV programme or film or game was and obviously I said Supernatural :3 I didn't have any friends in there but it was still fun :3 And it will be my first lesson Monday morning and we're gonna study The Walking Dead!:) The teacher's called Holly and she's also my Film Studies teacher:)

Dear Lord, this lesson is fucking boring. At the moment we're studying World War 1 texts and it's just sooooo boring. I have to take it though because I wanna study English at University so I can be a journalist or a writer so I'm just gonna have to put up with it for the next couple of years. There are two teachers, one's called Yvonne and the other's Helen and I'm sorry but Helen's reading voice is so dull it nearly put me to sleep :L They seem nice I guess and it's not their fault their topic is so boring :L

I have a feeling this is gonna be fun:) I love films and the teacher Holly is awesome and Jess Hic was there from my old school but she's not like my favourite person so Jess J came into my lesson but she's not in my group 3: She's gonna ask to swap though because she's got free slots when I have Film Studies:)

I like this. The teacher's called Pete and he's pretty weird but it's fun :) I was paired up with a girl who looked pretty scary but she turned out to be really nice :3 We're doing language in gender, power and technology and it's fun :D

Best news is that I get a lie-in on Thursday and Friday mornings because I don't have to be at college until 10.30 :') But I do have to get the train at 9.54 because there's not one from Oakengates to Wellington in between them ;L Either way, it's gonna be fun! :D

Love Hozzie
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