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Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

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Zombies. I had always thought that New Jersey was bad enough. That was until the disease struck out. The one thing that split up thousands of families, killed millions and it destroyed the world. C...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013-05-02 - 711 words

Don't kill me for writing a new story – again! I just suddenly got inspired to write a story based around this, I hope you enjoy it! Cheeeeesy title I know, but I haven't done one that's titled this just yet! So here weee gooo, comment and stuuff if you enjoyed! -xo


I had always thought that New Jersey was bad enough. That was until the disease struck out. The one thing that split up thousands of families, killed millions and it destroyed the world. Completely and truly. It did seem unreal at first – just like the films, like a joke, like someone had ordered for this to happen.

But when the leaders of the world were slowly being wiped out, people started to realize that this was real. Soon enough – the humans turned into savages, fighting for territory. Choosing the most secluded and well-protected areas. I had always kept to myself and I guessed that this was one of the best things about this – everyone would usually leave me alone, even some of the 'zombies' at the end of the day. I was a ghost then and I was a ghost now. If you could even call them that.

You may think that I should 'team up with people to make friends and build an army to take out those bastards' but the last time a human approached me, became my “friend” and then he almost literally, stabbed me in the back.

Yeah, bad idea.

The only reason why I don't just hand myself over to the zombies is because...Well - who wouldn't want to be the last person to survive? I guessed that it was kind of like The Hunger Games in the way that everyone had to kill each other to survive. Another reason, another very important reason is my younger brother, Mikey. He's three years younger than me and everything happened to him is my fault.

He got taken away horrifically around three months ago by faces that were beginning to fade from my memory – that was the effect of the Earth's newly developed atmosphere. It got inside your head without your consent and made you forget things, luckily though – it effected the zombies more, it made them slow down their pace and stamina. But the one thing that I would never forget would be Mikey.

I would never stop trying to find him – even if it meant that I would die trying. We had spent every second that we could together at home, at school was another story. He was only fifteen and if he was dead now then...I shook my head, I couldn't even bear to live with the thought. It was my fault and it ate away at me every second of every day. I owed him that.

My eighteenth birthday was coming up, I knew that much – I didn't even know the date of today, but I just knew that it was around March. Mikey always said that he'd make it to every one of my birthdays, he promised me.

Hesitantly, I made my way into my “house” as I liked to call it. It only had a few windows which was good and the rooms which did have them were blocked out so no monsters could get in. I spent the majority of my day in the basement anyway, drawing and sketching random things, planning the next day – just hoping that Mikey might be able to find his way back to me eventually. and the family who lived here had died long, long ago.

I went into the kitchen and slung off my bag full of supplies that I had found earlier on that day, I unpacked a few packets of crisps and put them into a cupboard – it may be the end of the world but it wasn't too late for coffee, I made myself a cup and stared absent-mindedly into space. Why had the world become like this?

Why had everything suddenly become to shit and destroyed? The humans on Earth were never a good thing, I knew that much. But did we truly ask for it? We did this to ourselves. It was our fault. Was this going to last forever...Was it going to be everlasting?
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