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School Of Monsters

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Chapter Two
Bound By Hatred
School of Monsters

last time

" Hi my name is Moka..Moka Akashiya"


After they talked for abit.Naruto and Moka went there seperate ways and left for school.
When Naruto got to school he was greeted by the sight of Moka getting swarmed by hundreds of guys saying random things like "I love you" "Marry me" and so on.Of course when Naruto walked into the school he was swarmed by hundreds of girls,but of course he escaped fairly easy making use of a quick shunshin.After that of course he went to go rescue Moka and save her from her fanboys before she could get hurt he shunshined her and him onto of the

"Hello again Moka were you injured" Naruto said in a drawl voice(gee enthusiastic much)."No I wasn't Naruto-san"Moka once again squeaked."Okay Moka I shall be taking my leave now.""Okay Naruto-san" and with that Naruto left in a swirl of leaves while Moka just stared at the spot were he had been thinking how and why he could do that.When the ceromony had been compete Naruto walked slowly to his next class. Of course he could. feel the many people following him,but he thought nothing of it. When he walked into class a dimbsilence erubted into the room for a few moments but then the class began to talk again forgetting about or at least the guys did the girls just continued to stare at him. Wathching him make his every move like he was a peice of meat and they were ravenous wolfs. He was beginning to think which was worse them or the actual wolfs. So he quickly took his seat and stayed quiet as he waited for the teacher to come into the classroom. Of course eventually the teacher came in she began to explain something about coexistence with humans and how the world was already taken over by them this of course did not come as a shock to him cause he already met the headmaster and he gave him the basic just of everything the school stand for. Blah,blah,blah he wasn't paying attention when the dude talked anyway all he knew is that the dude was trying to act scary even thougj it wasn't really working he did not treat him without respect. So after the teacher called roll
the bell for the period rang and the hall began to get flooded with all the monsters in disguise. As he was walking down the hall he heard some people talking about him and he payed them no mind of course when he turned the corner he came upon a sight he didn't thing was to interesting a large boy was holding a smaller boy which looked like he had no muscle on him at all but of course he was natuaraly drawn to what the smaller boy was saying. Because if he heard correctly the bigger man had raped Countless woman and that alone was enough to make Naruto so angry hell would burn if he stepped foot in it but what was said next put the icing on the cake. According to saiouzo Moka was his girl and he was going to fuck her until she screamed for mercy. Oh now Naruto was pissed he dropped a ton of KI on saiouzo and was satisfied when he dropped to the ground holding his neck. As he began his walk to the bastard people began to get why saiouzo was having such a hard time breathing because Naruto began to accidentally leak out some more KI into the air people were falling over as he passed them just like saiouzo had done as he walked the school seemed to be consumed by a eerie silence. Until
Naruto blurred forward and grabbed saiouzo's hand smacking him onto the floor . Everyone inthe hallway could only stare in shock as saiouzo struggled to get up. That is until Naruto grabbed him by the shoulder and dragged his towards the corner. Naruto turned towards Moka and told her "Ill deal with him." With that he walked towards the shadowed corner of the hall way and staged saizo in. All the people in the hallway just decided that it wasn't worth there time or they were scared they couldn't imagine what must of happened to saizo .Basically everyone was scared of the newest member of Youkai Academy. But who wouldn't Naruto was pretty damn scary right now
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