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Chapter Three

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"Thompson, you must have hit your head on the way down. You're insane." I stood up and drew my sword out of the ground.

"Why am I insane?" I heard him get up behind me. His hand rested on my shoulder lightly.

"Because I can kill you without thinking about it." I said, turning toward him. "Do you not understand that?" I asked, grabbing his hand and putting it against his chest.

"I do. And that doesn't change my mind." He took a step closer, his chest touching mine. I had to look up at him. "Isabel, I love you. I will protect you even if you tell me not to." He said.

I covered his mouth. "I already have a second generation to protect me. Or are you blind?" I asked, looking at the guys who stood behind me.

He moved my hand away from his face, wrapping both his hands around it. I bit the inside of my cheek as he got on his knee. He held my hand to his forehead. "I swear to you, Isabel The Red Blade, that I will be by your side until I die. I will complete your wishes to the best of my abilities. Please accept me as yours."

I sighed heavily. "If it gets us out of here, okay. I accept you as mine." He stood. I leaned forward and bit his neck, making him gasp.

Taking as little blood from him as I could, I licked my lips as I pulled away. "Let's go." I said, holding my sword tighter now.

My stomach was clenching in hunger. That was the first blood in a few weeks, and the taste of it made the hunger worse. Swallowing hard, I ignored it and headed jumped over the side of the mountain, the guys behind me.

We returned to the safe house in about a minute, following our own scent back. Thompson was slightly behind us.

Probably starving like me. He lost a lot of blood to me and his wounds. He'll need to feed soon.

As I stopped in the yard, I put my ring back on, sealing away my powers and true form. I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the duller version of the world. Thompson stared at me, his eyes wide. "What?" I asked, putting my necklace back on.

"You're beautiful." He said, his voice softer now that my ears weren't honed to every single sound around us.

His eyes turned to a slightly bluer version of what they were, looking almost human. "And you're a mess. It seems now that you're mine, your powers are sealed with the other's." He looked at my second generation, who were all back to their human forms. "Alex, take him in and get him cleaned up, okay? Give him some clothes and we can get him some later." I said, not looking at Alex.

"The rest of you guys, we need to practice. We might be home, but that doesn't mean we can get lazy." They laughed as I headed our small, strange group into the house. Matt, Andy,
John and I headed down to our setup in the basement while Alex took Thompson to the bathroom.

I sighed as I picked up my guitar and slipped the strap over my shoulder. "You're hungry, aren't you?" Andy asked, closer than I thought. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me up against him.

He tipped his head to the side, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt. I bit the inside of my cheek, my teeth aching. My stomach clenched as my eyesight sharpened.

I watched his skin raise and fall with his pulse, his vein blue against the snowy white. My lip quivered as I fought the urge to sink my teeth into him. "I'm fine." I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

"You're lying." He breathed. "I know you better than anyone else. Your skin is paler. Your skin is hot. You're hungry." He said a second before his hand was on the back of my head, pressing my face into the warm skin of his neck.

My hands shook as I smelt his blood just under the surface. While the second generation's blood wasn't as filling as a human's blood, it kept me from starving to death. And it smelt twice as good.

Before I even told myself I could, my teeth were piercing his skin. A gush of blood filled my mouth and I swallowed it instantly.

Andy's grip on my waist tightened as I took his blood. While he felt the initial pain, he was one of my second generation who didn't mind getting bitten as much as the others. They didn't like it, I know. Yet they offer themselves up to me if I need it.

It's what they're meant to do. And Andy...he's the oldest of my second generation. He's been with me the longest.

Almost from the start of all this insanity. He was the one I felt the most guilt about roping into this. He didn't want it.
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