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Hey Guys!

So the next chapter is taking longer than anticipated, let me paint you a picture...

Girl sits in her study (the junk room) and opens her laptop to begin work on her latest chapter. Once complete she reads through and hates it, prompting her to delete it with rage. After a few moments she cracks her knuckles and settles to start again, her brain suddenly deciding to mess with her

Hey, not happy with the chapter I worked overdrive in helping you write?

No it sucked...

Way to show your appreciation asshole

Shut up dickwad

Well that was mean...

Maybe if you didn't suck I wouldn't be mean...

Maybe if you weren't being a bitch, I wouldn't have to do this...

Do what?

Writers block, suck it bitch


The girl proceeded to punch the wall, hurting her hand, and to cry internally...

So these events actually happened, I'm very sorry for my fuck up of a brain. Anyway, I did have an idea for a couple of oneshots floating around my head for the past few weeks so maybe if I type those up, my mind may clear a bit, keep and eye out for them because your opinions mean the world to me. My goal is Saturday to have it posted. Forgive me and please be patient, again I'm sorry.

Vikki xoxo
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