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The Elevator

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Frerard oneshot, smut. Mikey and Ray hatch a plan to get Gerard and Frank to admit their feelings...

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The Elevator

Mikey was fed up. He was sick of the awkward tension and he was sick of the sad eyes his brother would make toward his best friend, it had been going on too long. Ray was fed up too, Fed up of Frank's constant pining after Gerard and hearing the usual shit of "Gerard looked so hot today..." and "Oh my God, how cute is it when he scrunches his nose up" it was sickening, and collectively they made a plan to stop the two men from bothering them once and for all. They were gonna force them into a situation where they had to talk it out.

They knew exactly how they were going to do it too, Mikey being the little genius behind it of course, and Ray smoothing out the details. They were going to trap Gerard and Frank in the elevator of their apartment building, they lived together after all so it wouldn't be too difficult. They decided the best time to do it would be movie night, this week being Gerard and Frank's turn to choose the film, leaving it up to Ray to bribe Bob ,the super of the building, to make it happen.

Soon enough Friday night rolled around and the two men could barely contain their excitement. They showed up a little earlier than usual to the building and quickly made their way to Bob's office so there would be no chance of them being caught. As they entered they found Bob staring at the screen which showed the outside of the building like he was on a surveillance mission, only turning away when he heard the door click shut "Hey guys, the plans all set, the guys left their apartment at 1800 hours and should be arriving back soon"

"Okay, how you gonna do this? You gonna rig the wiring like some spy shit?"

"Nah dude, the emergency stop switch..." Mikey blushed as Ray chuckled softly at him, Bob suddenly pulling their attention to the screen

"All systems go guys!"

Gerard and Frank shuffled into the building, making awkward small talk about the weather and the movie they had rented, trying their hardest not to make eye contact. Frank walked ahead a little and Gerard couldn't help watching the younger's ass, it was all he could think about lately. Frank hit the button for the elevator and shot a small smile back at his room mate when he heard the usual rumble of it coming to life. A moment later the doors slid open and the two men stepped inside, unknowing of what lay in store for them. The elevator doors slipped shut once more and their ascent began, startling them as it came to a shuddering halt between the third and fourth floor.

Frank frantically began hitting the elevator buttons as he realized they were no longer moving, Gerard dropping the DVD they had rented and calling out for help. After about ten minutes they realized that their actions were useless and sat on the floor of the elevator, resigning themselves to the awkward silence that engulfed the enclosed space. Gerard squirmed uncomfortably, the silence becoming to much for him and he looked up to his room mate sitting across the floor from him. He smiled as he noticed Frank was chewing his lip, it was a nervous habit the young man had but it never failed to make Gerard's stomach clench as he imagined pulling that lip between his own teeth. Before he could even register what he was doing he said quietly "It's so hot when you do that..."

Unfortunately for the older man he hadn't said it quietly enough in the small space and Frank looked up into his companion's eyes "Really?"

Gerard blushed deeply and hid his face behind his long black hair "Uh...Y..Yeah..." he blushed a little more before scrunching up his nose in embarrassment. Frank involuntarily let out a small groan at the action and Gerard looked up once more startled, their eyes met and Frank shuffled a little closer, Gerard doing the same

"It's too fucking cute when you scrunch up your nose like that, in fact it's kinda sexy..." Gerard smirked and licked his lips,he moved closer still to the younger man til he was sitting right in front of him

"Oh really, you're pretty fucking sexy yourself Frankie..." He leaned across so his lips brushed the younger's ear, his hot breath sending shivers down Frank's spine and goosebumps across his skin "Real fucking sexy, you get me real got know idea what I think about doing to that sexy little ass of yours..." This time Frank groaned louder, biting his lip and letting his head fall back for a moment

"Fuck...Tell me what you wanna do to me..." Gerard chuckled darkly and moved to sit back in his original position on the other side of the elevator. Frank slowly opened his eyes at the loss of contact and smirked when he saw where Gerard had moved too, he got up and moved forward before dropping onto Gerard's lap and grinding his crotch down on the older man's, delighting in the moan he drew from his lips

"Now, now Gerard..." He ground his hips down again, moaning a little himself this time as his cock hardened in the constricting denim of his jeans "You can't just get me all hot and then leave me hanging..." he leaned down and flicked his tongue over Gerard's earlobe before placing gentle kisses along his jawline "Tell me what you want to do to me..."

Gerard released a deep, guttural moan as he felt Frank's hardened member moving against his own and pushed the younger back, clambering on top of him and pinning his wrists above his head and grinding their hips together "I want to feel my cock in that hot little mouth, that tongue lapping at my dick"

"Uh, yeah...tell me more Gee..."

"I want to watch you touch yourself as you moan my name and squirm as I open up that tight little asshole of yours and fuck you til you can't breathe, til your screaming my name then I'll just fuck you harder, but you know what I want most Frankie?"

"What do you want most Gee? Fuck tell me..."

"I wanna hear you beg" Frank groaned loudly and pulled his wrists from Gerard's grasp, frantically smashing his lips against his room mate's. He pulled back for a moment to push Gerard back up into a sitting position before straddling his thighs and kissing him with every ounce of passion within him, lapping at his lower lip until being given entrance and thrusting his tongue inside the older's mouth.

Frank inhaled sharply as he felt Gerard's hand slide into the back of his jeans, slipping below the waistband of his boxers, grasping his ass cheeks tightly before moving a hand lower still and stroking a fingertip across his entrance. He began moaning shamelessly into Gerard's mouth, Gerard gently clamping his teeth down on Frank's bottom lip.

Suddenly the elevator rumbled back to life and Gerard pulled his hand from the younger man's pants, smirking as he moved from underneath him and stood up. He reached a hand out and pulled Frank up as he hit the button for their floor before turning back to his lover and scooping him up so frank could wrap his arms around his neck and kiss Gerard deeply again for a moment. Only breaking apart so they could leave the elevator and run along the corridor to their apartment, Frank fumbling with the key as Gerard nibbled and sucked at the side of his neck. Finally the door opened and they stumbled inside, Gerard kicking the door shut as he began removing his jacket and shirt.

The second Frank's shirt hit the ground they frantically reconnected their lips, stumbling blindly through the apartment as the kiss grew more heated. Somehow they managed to stumble into the kitchen area and Frank pushed Gerard against the counter before working desperately on pulling the older mans jeans off. The warm air of the kitchen caused Gerard to gasp as he was suddenly exposed to it before moaning loudly and fisting his hand into Frank's hair as he was engulfed in the wet heat of Frank's mouth.

Frank immediately began hollowing his cheeks to suck Gerard harder, rubbing his tongue along his fraenulum before using his teeth to gently pull the foreskin up over the head and pushing it back. Gerard grasped at the edge of the counter ashis stomach flipped and his balls tightened when Frank began concentrating on sucking and lapping just the head, digging his eager tongue into the tiny slit and greedily tasting the precum there. Without warning he pulled away and stood up, smirking at Gerard as he unfastened his trousers and pulled them off with his boxers. The older man began moving toward him and he placed a hand on his chest "Ah, ah, ah Gerard, no touching...just watch"

Frank teasingly pushed Gerard away from the counter and lay across it, sliding a hand down his chest and grasping his painfully hard member. Closing his eyes he began pumping and groaning softly, Gerard lazily rubbing his own as he watched and feeling it twitch with want in his palm as Frank began moaning his name and fisting a hand into his own hair. For a few moments Gerard simply watched but as Frank moaned his name louder, he moved toward his lover and lifted his legs over his shoulders, startling the younger man. Frank continued to pump his hand as he felt Gerard's devilish tongue begin flicking gently over his entrance, he felt dirty and disgusting as the older man worked his tongue more roughly against the tight ring of muscle before slipping it inside a little more, but at the same time he had never felt so good. The tongue was unexpectedly replaced by a finger and Frank winced as it slipped inside of him, coating Gerard's saliva over his entrance before a second was added.

The older man started thrusting them slowly for a few moments before moving his mouth to engulf Frank's cock as he searched out his prostate and scissored his fingers. After a moment or two Frank arched his back and called out his lovers name, grasping his hair tightly and rocking his hips back and forth on his fingers. He sat up and pulled Gerard's hand away, grabbing the back of Gerard's hair and pulling him into a fiery kiss, sliding of the counter and pushing his lover to the floor and straddling his waist "I want to feel you inside me..." He pressed his lips back to Gerard's as he lined the older's cock up with his entrance and slowly pushed himself down, basking in the feeling of being so delightfully stretched but so deliciously full.

Gerard moaned out into the quiet apartment as Frank began rocking his hips and running his hands across his chest. He grabbed Frank's waist and began to raise and lower the younger man who was moaning and gasping as Gerard moved inside of him, calling out the olders name and arching his back. Gerard began to angle his thrusts, slamming into the youngers prostate causing him to scream out Gerard's name over and over. Neither man had felt this way during sex, they felt connected like they were supposed to be joined like this. Like they were finally complete.

Gerard sat up, pushing Frank down onto his back and moving himself so that one of Frank's legs was hooked over his shoulder and the other was around his waist. He thrust deeper and harder, knowing neither would last much longer, and nipping and biting at Frankie's neck. His hand coming down to rub over his nipple causing the younger to deepen the kiss they shared. He slipped his leg off Gerard's shoulder and wrapped it tightly with the other around Gerard's waist, wrapping his arms around the olders neck and kissing him between moans "I'm close Gee, fuck I'm so close baby..."

"Cum for me Frankie..uh...cum for me..." Gerard slipped a hand between there bodies, grasping Frank's cock which was slick with copious amounts of precum and began pumping him fast, after only a few seconds Frank came over Gerard's fingers and their stomachs. He cried out "GERARD!" as he released, feeling completely spent but oh so satified. HIs muscles clenched tight around Gerard sending him over the edge, cumming hard and fast against Frank's overly sensitive prostate. The two of them lay there for a few moments, breathing heavily, before Gerard pulled out. Both men wincing at being so over sensitive and getting unsteadily to their feet.

Frank looked up at the older man and smiled softly, reaching up and pecking his lips softly "That was so much better than I ever imagined it would be"

"Definitley beat movie night" Gerard laughed before crumpling his eyebrows "Hey, what happened to Mikey and Ray anyhow?"

Ray and Mikey sat in stunned silence in Bob's office, wondering what the hell had happened. They were expecting them to talk and maybe make out a little, not virtually fuck each other in the elevator and corridor. Ray was the first to speak

"Well that escalated quickly..." Bob smirked and spun in his chair to face the other two men

"I think you mean that ELEVATED quickly..."


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