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3. Does Anyone Notice?

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A/n: I'm sorry for not updating this story earlier, I just never really got around to it and I've been busy with my other stories, I hope you enjoy this chapter anyway and give it a vote if you enjoyed c: I've also decided to just change the character of Tay to Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd because I've seen her as that character for most of the story anyway...sigh Anywayzzzz, comment and vote and stuffs -xo


"Gerard, you gotta tell me where we're going, this could count as kidnapping!" I called to him, sounding a little too sarcastic for my liking.

"It's not kidnapping if you enjoy it," Gerard replied with a massive smirk plastered on his face, I rolled my eyes, more surprised than anything at his sudden change of personality. He unlocked a house that I assumed was his and he lead me instead, shutting the door again. I instantly felt like my freedom had just gone out of the door and that all of my wishes had disappeared. He was now the captain of all of the rules.

I looked around the dimly lit room and instantly knew that this was his home, I didn't know anyone else that would have such a low lighting in their home other than him. He took off his jacket and bag, throwing it onto a sofa. "You want a drink?" He asked it as if it was such a casual question.

"Er...I guess so, yeah." I shrugged and took a seat on the arm of a sofa-chair, watching him saunter into the kitchen and rade through the cupboards, looking for something in particular. He came back into the living room carrying a small glass of what looked like alcohol and then another glass which he handed to me, I sipped it and was pleased to know that it wasn't alcohol, that it was coke. I smiled at him thankfully and he took a seat on a chair that was similar to the one I was perching on opposite me.

"You can make yourself at home y'know," he smiled a little, drinking out of his glass, admiring the room around him. "So, you're probably wondering why I brought you back here..." He muttered and I nodded slowly, obviously wanting to know.

"Yeah, it seems kind of murderous if you ask me." I tried to say it as a joke and it even made him chuckle and smirk the slightest bit, whoo, points for amusing him! It seems impossible!

"I'm no murderer, I could never hurt you." He said smoothly and put his glass down, "I wanted to show you what it's like to be me..." He smiled and he stood and held out his hand, I stood and followed him down a small corridor into another room that was also dimly lit. But it was probably because the only light was a small lamp by the side of his bed that he switched on and the smallest out of light that was managaing to sneak through a tiny window crack in the corner of the room.

After he switched on the light I could get a clearer look at the room that I was in, I quickly understood that it was his room because he took a seat on the bed and lit up a cigarette, gesturing to the room in no particular direction. "Welcome to my cave," he laughed slightly, taking a drag from the death-stick in his hands.

"It's er...Very Gerard-like." I smirked and went over to his desk, admiring all of the sketches and a few paintings that were hanging loose, the entire section which I assumed was his art desk was covered in drawings, the walls were and a lot were of the same boy as he was growing up. "You drew this?" I asked, sounding a lot more 'blonde' than I entended. He smiled and walked up behind me, pointing to one that was on the bottom right.

"Mhm, take a guess at who this is?" He asked, taking it off the wall and handing it to me gently with his left hand, I gasped when I saw it.

"This is me?" I asked, running a gentle finger over my face, looking up at him, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "But I thought you wanted me to go to hell," I pointed out, shrugging a little. He laughed and took a few steps away, realizing that we were only inches apart and I blushed a deep red, suddenly glad that the lighting was so dim, hoping to hell that he couldn't tell, but by his smirk I honestly did think that he could tell. Ass...

"I did, which is why I drew you, and it helped me to deminish my anger." He laughed and took a seat back on his bed. I looked around the room more, admiring more of the drawings of the boy.

"Who is this?" I asked, gesturing to the wall and leaning back against the desk, he put out his cigarette and grinned, looking down.

"My brother, Mikey, he's my...Inspiration." He slowly looked up at me as he said the last word, making me blush even more.

"Ah well...It seems to..." I paused, "um, work for you." I said nervously, running a hand over my hair, pushing it away from my face and coughing awkwardly. "So what did you want me to see?" I asked, slowly walking over to him and taking a seat next to him on the bed, he suddenly jumped up once I sat down and he took my hand and lead me over to his wardrobe, opening it. He pressed a finger to my lips, "shh..." He demanded, looking panicked suddenly.

"You need to be quiet..." He whispered and pushed me gently into the wardrobe, careful to not hurt me.

"Gerard? Are you home you little shit?" A man's voice asked and I swallowed hard, shuffling down so that I was sat on some kind of box, breathing intensely as I waited for the events to come, events that I wouldn't be able to stop. Something was telling me that things weren't going to end well.
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