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Love Doesn't Always Work Out

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Mikey and Alicia used to love each other but now their marriage is falling apart.

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Love Doesn't Always Work Out

When they were younger, whether they were sitting or standing or walking or whatever, she would always curl up next to him, and he would wrap his arm around her waist. Now, they sat on opposite ends of the couch, her arms folded across her chest, and his by his side as he flicked through the channels on TV.

When they were younger, she would always pull him to secluded areas, he would always look for an empty closet or room, so that maybe for a few minutes, the young couple could enjoy some time alone (meaning, make out for a while and promise to have sex later). Now, all she ever did was give him a quick kiss on the cheek, and he rarely held her hand. They slept at the edges of the bed, backs to each other.

When they were younger, she would always drive to the airport whenever he returned from a long tour, and when he came out she would sprint to him and tackle him with a hug. Now, he takes a taxi cab, and she wishes that she had more time in the house to herself.

When they were younger, they were in love. Now, they were not.

Alicia wasn't quite sure when it happened, or how. All she knows is that it happened.

She sighed; was this normal? A lot of couples go through rough patches. Perhaps they just needed to be patient, work things out. She sipped her coffee and looked at Mikey from across the table. He picked at his breakfast.

"Hey babe. You gonna head to the studio today?" Please be going to the studio, Alicia prayed. Another day with him at home meant another day of uncomfortable silence and awkward conversation. Usually, it ended up with Alicia making up a fake appointment and escaping to a friend's house.

"Yeah, Gerard's finished lyrics for a couple songs so we're gonna play around with it." Mikey stared at his food, which lay on his plate barely touched. Their dog Piglet approached him, who smiled. "You want some pancakes, Pig? They're delicious, Alicia made them."

Alicia didn't notice the compliment. "Mikey!" It came out sharper than she intended. "Don't do that, do you want her to get sick again? Just eat the pancakes." She sighed and leaned her elbows against the table, rubbing her temples. "God, you have to know better."

That sounded really bitchy, but who could blame her? Was Mikey really being that dense?

Silence passed. Alicia put her head in her hands, covering her face completely.

He stood up. "You know, I'm not hungry."


A few weeks passed in similar fashion. Alicia kept to her usual routine and pretended her marriage wasn't falling apart. Mikey stopped eating. They spent more time away from each other than they did together.

Eventually Christmas came along.

"Hey, Mikey," Alicia called once she got home. "I'm home, gonna get ready for Gerard and Lindsey's tonight."

There was a pattering of feet on the wooden floor and Mikey appeared, adjusting his plain button down and dark jeans. His mouth hung open in shock, then an annoyed look crossed his face.

"Alicia," he said, the words strained. "We're supposed to be there in twenty minutes. You're really, really late. Why didn't you at least call me and tell me that you were taking your goddamn time?"

She wanted to reply with something bitingly harsh. Oh fuck, no. He doesn't fucking have that right. Instead, she rubbed her forehead and walked past him swiftly and into their room.

"I'm not dealing with this now. It is Christmas Eve, and I'm not doing this, alright? I'm sorry I'm late, my phone ran out of battery, I got caught in traffic, and it's done. I'll be ready in ten minutes."

She was changing when she heard him finally reply, "Doesn't change the fact that it's a thirty minute drive there."


Gerard and Lindsey sat at the table, smiling and passing the food around. Another holiday dinner, another night spreading fake cheer and wondering why Mikey and Alicia haven't repaired what they have yet.

Alicia talked enough to compensate for Mikey's silence, desperately trying to cover it up as it seemed to permeate the room and lurk in the corner, no one wanting to acknowledge it.

Dinner didn't end soon enough. Gerard took Mikey to the study and Lindsey sat with Alicia on the sofa.

"Are you happy, Mikey?"


"Alicia... What's going on? I knew something was wrong the last time you'd visited, but I didn't think it was like this..."


"Yeah, of course..."


"I'm not actually sure what's going on anymore."


"Well, actually, I guess I'm not, not really."


"Lately things have been weird, he's so distant all the time and we never do things together..."


"I think we're growing apart."


"And the horrible thing is, I don't think I want him to be close anymore... I don't want to do things with him anymore. He's not the same as he was."

Lindsey sighed. "I think I know what you mean... You didn't have a fight with him?"

Alicia pressed her lips together. "No, well, it didn't start from a fight, but after this all began we've been more tense and prone to arguing over the littlest things..."

"Yeah, I've been like that with past boyfriends before. Alicia... do you want a separation?"

She had thought about it.

The idea had kind of scared her. It was hard to believe that things were so bad that divorce was necessary, but one afternoon her imagination had gotten the best of her.

"I don't really know what I want. But I want to be happy, and I want him to he happy too... We just cannot be happy together, it's not working."


The couple discussed it when they returned home. When they went to bed, they were officially no longer a couple.


Happiness came for Mikey a month later.

It was Sunday and Costco was packed, so the couple went grocery shopping at a local store. They split the shopping list and agreed to meet by the dairy section half an hour later, the way they always did.

Half an hour later, Alicia returned to the dairy section with her shopping cart and found Mikey talking to someone.

A girl. She looked kind of young, but they were both smiling and laughing, the way that Alicia and Mikey often did when they had first met.

She missed those times.

"Hey Mikey, let's go check out now," she said, interrupting the conversation. She walked to checkout and didn't make sure that Mikey was following her; he didn't come until five minutes later.

The drive home was silent.

"Her name is Sarah," he said. "I asked her out on a date."


He came home one afternoon when Alicia was reading a book and proceeded to their bedroom to change.

"Does she make you happy?"

He stopped in the doorway, his back toward her. "Yeah, she does. I smile more around her than I usually do, I think."

"Okay." Alicia continued reading. "I'm glad."


"Devastated, but I'll be back. XO."

Alicia put her phone down and looked at Mikey, who was sitting across from with his head in his hands. "Well, I guess the whole world knows now."

He nodded and sighed bitterly. "Yup."

"Good luck."

She packed her bags and went to stay at her friend's house. She didn't come back.


It came as a surprise to her when the band broke up.


Years later, happiness came for her on the street.

It was after she had gotten back on her feet. She had moved out of her friend's house, gotten a job as a technical manager at a music store, and bought her own apartment.

The walk to work was the same every day. And every day she passed the same people.

And one day, the person with the clear blue eyes and the dark brown hair and the headphones around his neck and the guitar case in his hand stopped her and introduced himself.

"I'm Jared," he said, smiling.

"I'm Alicia."

A/N: I have had this story in my notes for far too long so I've decided to finally post it. Which is probably why it seems kind of forced at the end... I will most likely rewrite most of it later.

The reason I wrote this is because I've been on Tumblr a lot recently and have noticed that many people are still hating Sarah, Mikey's new girlfriend. I understand that at first, the shock value was a little much, but it's been several months and people should just let them be now. I adore Alicia and loved her and Mikey together, but they were in the middle of a separation when Sarah came into the picture... obviously, Mikey and Alicia weren't happy together, and if they're happy apart, then that's all that matters. That they're happy.

(That wasn't phrased well, but I don't care.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit. Sorry for the gigantic author's note.
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