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Profile Of A Southern Fidwaddian

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Following the crowd, ladies and gents, following the crowd. I'm a sheep like that. :P

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Real Name: Charlotte Isabelle S. (not telling you my full surname because of reasons.)

Username: PanicAtTheDiscoLover. Boring and unoriginal, I know. :P

Gender: My parents were told I was a girl when I was born, but I appear to have a lack of chest, so who the hell knows? :P (Although, it does come in handy for male cosplays XD)

Age: 15.

DOB: August 10th, 1998.

Country: USA. I'm not from here though. :P

City: Savannah, GA.

Religion: I was born into a Catholic family, but I'm an Atheist.

Relationship status: Single. Oh well.

Favorite Musicians/Bands: Well, obviously Panic! At The Disco. :P

Favorite Movies: Take me to a Pixar movie and I'll love you forever. :D

Favorite TV Shows: I don't watch TV much anymore.

Favorite Books: I don't read much.

Heroes: My older sisters: Catherine Anne (she gave birth to triplets naturally without an epidural, if that's not a hero I don't know what is), Chloe Sarah (her daughter has cancer, and has only a year or two to live, and she's managed to stay so strong throughout the ordeal), Christine Zoe (I've lived with her since my mother died, and she and her husband work so damn hard to give me and her two children a good life), Courtney Ebony (She introduced me to zombies, how could I not have her here?) and Callie Lea (About a year and a half ago she tried to commit suicide, and she willingly got help afterwards). Also my mother, Clementine Rose (RIP).

Bandoms You Write For: Panic! of course, and a tiny bit of original.

Pairings You Ship: Ryden was my first ship.

Picture of You: When I can find a somewhat decent one, maybe. :P

Your Favorite Authors on Here: Well, a lot of mine left, so. D:

Your Favorite Stories on Here: Same as above. D:

Authors With Cool Personalities: You're all cool. ^_^ Unless you're a troll. I hate trolls. :P

Sample of your Writing:

"So, the thing is, my parents are whisking me and my brothers and sisters off for a week's vacay somewhere in the forest." Ryan had no idea what that had to do with him, it wasn't as if they ever talked outside of school, anyway. Ryan had no internet access and never had a cell phone. They were too 'distracting' from what was important in life; studying.

Brendon turned to face Ryan and he did stop for a moment to look at him, too. There was something in his eyes, something about the way he looked at his that made Ryan realize that there was definitely something more to Brendon than anyone ever thought.

"I asked if you could come too...And they said yes."

The best apart about the cabin was definitely the fact that Ryan was hundreds and hundreds of miles away from his parents. The wooden house was even better than Ryan had ever thought. There was a deck of some sorts running the whole way around and the place was completely secluded from anywhere around because of the wild growing forestry that surrounded the whole place.

It was a very good thing that it had been Brendon's mother talking to Ryan’s mother. I it had been any other combination of parents-Well, neither of the two would have been lounging around on the deck in shorts and t-shirts at that moment.

The abuse from Ryan's father had stopped since school had got out. The only reasons being he had gone on a business trip the morning of the last day and he kept on having to have the date extended on it. Ryan wasn't stupid; he knew it was that woman from his office building. His mother had no idea, but Ryan had witnessed it for his own eyes. That was how Ryan had gotten himself a black eye and a bruised shoulder blade.

The teenager was very happy to be so far away from all the pain and all the agony that he had been suffering from. It felt nice to be able to relax for the first time since-Ryan couldn't even remember. It was just very relaxing to be able to lounge around on deck chair and play cards with people who had taken you in as family.

"Straight flush!" Matt smiled, peeling down his cards on the table slowly for extra effect. It was the sixth time he had won and everyone knew he had to be cheating by now. Brendon's siblings-Matt, Lucas, Dana and Cassie- were a lot of fun to be around and it made Ryan yearn for his own. His parents hadn't wanted children to begin with and Ryan was the result of the morning after pill not working. His parents were never going to have any more children and Ryan had thought that was fine growing up, he had his parents full attention on himself, but seeing how much fun having siblings was, Ryan wished for some of his own.

"BEDROOM INSPECTION!" Mrs. Urie called out playfully. The four eldest ran for cover, leaving Brendon and Ryan smiling on the deck. Ryan had been doing a lot of that ever since they had arrived; smiling. It was something he never seemed to be able to do at home, but out there, in the middle of nowhere, he found he had a lot of reasons to smile. Number one reason being Brendon.

From 'Smile'
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