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Smut, but you won't be sad to read.

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(FRERARD) Killjoy smut. Sorry if anythig in miss spelt.

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As not to confuse you it's two different secions months apart.

Ghoul’s POV
What the fuck did Poison mean not tonight. That’s not fair. I want sex. Great sulking on the back step like a child who was told they can’t have cake all ‘cause I was denied sex. Fuck that makes me sound horny, oh who am I kidding of course I’m horny. “Ghoul.” God I need a fag… Seriously, I’m out for fuck sack.
“WHAT.” Oh, fuck I shouted at Jet.

“Stop whining and get your ass inside.” He sounds frustrated.
“Yeah, why should I?”
“1, it’s cold and 2, grow up, Poison will screw you when he’s good and ready so stop whining. We’ve all had a long day, him partially.”
“Fine, hay got a cig?” “Um,” Jet checks his pockets. “Sorry I’m out too.”
“Fuck.” Then an idea pops into my head.
“Is Poison on the couch?”
“I think so why?”
“Oh, no reason.” A smirk appearing as I slip back inside.

“Get your sassy ass up.” Poison opens his eyes a little shocked.
“I said get up.” A hint of a growl in my voice as I grab the chest of his jacket pulling him up and dragging him up the stairs.

Poison’s POV
Ghoul is doing exactly what I want, to show dominance. That’s why I said no. he’s usly submissive, its kinda obvious. I wanna see what he’s capable of. Yeah, I maybe taller but he’s stronger. I’m not joking he can lift me with ease. Hence the reason I want him to try being the dominant one. I’m pilled form my thoughts when the lock on the door clicks.
“You my dear Poison will be my Party Whore.” All I can do is nod. This is a side of Ghoul I’ve never seen, and fuck is it a turn on.

He pulls off my jacket and pushes me onto the bed. Yep bed. Something tells me there was no randomness in choosing this room. He quickly straddles me pinning my arms above my head. I’ve never been more turned on in my life and he knows it. His lips soon find mine. His tongue brushes my bottom lip asking for access. I grant it and his tongue caresses mine.
His hands slowly inch my shirt up, momentarily braking kiss to pull it over my head. Taking advantage I get air and pull his off as well. He helps pull it off as our lips find the others. Soon my gun belt/holster follows the other discarded clothing to the floor with a muted thud. At the sight of Ghoul’s tanned, slightly toned, tattooed chest I feel myself going hard. Noticing this he stars gently grinding his hips on mine causing moans to escape.
“Now don’t get to excited.”

Suddenly I hear someone knocking on the door.
“Poison?” it asks.
“I know.” He says huskily in my ear. The knocks then turn to bashing. Ghoul groans out of frustration.
“It’s okay I’ve got this… FUCK OFF!” I reply.
“Can’t you fuck Ghoul some other time? It’s important.” The Jet voice says from behind the wood. To this Ghoul chuckles lightly into my neck over Jet’s ignorance.
“Dude, I said Fuck off.”
“Fine.” And Jet’s footsteps quickly fade.

Ghoul kisses and bights at my neck slowly moving down my stomach to the hem of my jeans. Once there he pops the button and un-zips them with his teeth. Suddenly he jumps off me completely. “What..?” I let out a small gasp when I feel my jeans pulled off in one swift motion.

When Ghoul climbs back onto me once again straddling my hips I notice he too has lost his jeans. “Next time I’m taking your jeans off.” I say in his ear.
“Not unless I tell you.” He growls as his lips find mine.
“Oh really?”
“Really.” And slowly grinds our hips together causing me to moan, as if to prove a point.

I trail my hands down till they reach the hem of Ghoul’s boxers and slide them under the elastic. My hand brushes against his member making him moan. He grabs my writs pinning them above my head. Keeping both wrists in one of his hands.
“Suck.” I do as his free hand slowly relises my wrists and pull my boxers off.
“Pull mine off.” Carefully I pull his boxers down, still keeping his fingers in my mouth.

He takes his hand back from my mouth and places it at my entrance; slowly he slides one finger into me. He wiggles and thrusts it in and out of me. Before long a second and the a third join the first. It gets to a point where I can’t help bet fuck myself on his fingers. In response I receive a slap across the face and stop.
“Only if I tell you to. Did I tell you to?” I stay silent.
“Answer my question. Did I tell you to fuck yourself on my fingers?” I take a shaky breath to hold back tears. He hits hard.
“No.” When he takes in my face his expression softens.
“I took the dominance thing to far?” I nod; he reaches out to stroke my face, at the same time removing his fingers from me.
“I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He sounded like he was about to burst into tears. I quickly envelope him tightly to my chest.
“Hay, Cupcake it’s okay. Shh, you didn’t mean to.
“You shouldn’t be the one to comfort. Usually I call you Cupcake and you call me Baby.”
“Mmm, why do you call me cupcake anyway?”
“Because your hair reminds me of red velvet cupcakes.” He glances down. “You’re still all hard.”
“So are you.” I stroke him to prove a point and he lets out a chocked gasp.
“Dominant one is hard.” (No pun intended)
“We’ll work on it.” Gently I wipe away the few stray tears. He shakes his head.
“No wanna be submissive.”
“Okay,” and gently kisses him on the check. “But we still need to sort out two problems before we see what Jet wants.”

Second part. Yeah, I'm pervy, so what. You lone it.

Poison’s POV
Ghoul quickly closes and locks the door. He pushes me on to the bed, climbing on top and straddling me. I love it when he dominates me, and he knows it. Every so often he’ll take dominance even though he finds it hard and prefers me to be instead.

He kisses a trial from my lips, along my jaw to my neck, while slowly un-zipping my jacket. I moan the whole time, feeling myself getting hard. He grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it up, he brakes contact with my neck to remove it along with my jacket. He removes his shirt also before gently licking around my ear lobe. He undoes my belt and starts kissing his way down my stomach. When he reaches the hem of my jeans he pops the button and pulls the zip down with his teeth. All of a sudden I feel his weight disappear.
“Wha...” with a gasp I’m cut off with the swift removal of my jeans. I should be used to that by now. When Ghoul positions himself back on top of me, also without jeans…and…boxers? Well that’s new. He starts kissing, sucking, and biting at my neck. I let out a loud moan when he starts massaging me through my boxers, quickly making me harder than I already was.
“Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to be my Party whore?” his hot breath in my ear making me moan.
“Oh Yes.”
“Then say it.”
“Fuck me Ghoul and make me your Party whore.” He gives me his hand. Not the one that’s still massaging me. So I can suck on his fingers. Let’s just say lube is a bitch to find out in the zones and leave it at that.

When he pulls my boxers off I gasp around his fingers.
“You ready?” I nod and he gently slides one of his now saliva covered fingers into me. He starts to wiggle the single digit and thrust it in and out. He adds a second and third finger together. My eyes roll back into my head as they are inserted and I moan when he moves them.

It takes everything I have not to fuck myself on his fingers. Last time he wasn’t happy. As I said it’s hard for him to be dominant because he acts on impulse, so he gets a little violent sometimes when thing don’t go his way.
“I know you want something much bigger than my fingers, don’t you.” He was right I did. All I could do was nod.
“Then say it.”
“I want your big cock deep inside me. I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t remember my name.” Over the few times he’s done this I’ve learnt dirty talk makes Ghoul less likely to tease me. With a smirk he slowly removes his fingers from me placing the tip of his erection at my entrance.
“as long as you remember mine.” He slowly slides it in. when his tip brushes my sweet spot a small gasp of pleasure escaped. He then leans over me.
“I want you to moan my name with every thrust, and when you cum you’re gonna scream it.” A slight growl in his voice. He waits while I position my legs on his waist.

He begins to thrust into me. Slow at first but gradually gaining speed and pree cum leeks from his cock, creating a slicker lubricant. As predicted I moan his name like a cheap whore. When he starts to thrust into my sweet spot he picks up more speed and slams into it with force. I scream out in pure pleasure every time. One of his hands moves from my waist to my cock and he starts pumping it in time to his thrusts.
“I’m s-s-so close. I’m g-gonna, GHOUL.” I can’t even finish my sentence before I’m coming, screaming his name over our stomachs and his hand. I no sooner cum and I feel him release in side me.

Gently he pulls out and collapses beside me. I hold him securely to my chest.
“You did good baby, real good.”
“Mmm, sleepy now.” I kiss his forehead.
“S’okay you sleep. I’m not going anywhere.” He quickly drifts off, me slowly following.
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