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I looked in the mirror and sigh in defeat. This would really just have to do.

My hair was large and curling loosely down past my shoulders, my eye make up was heavy and the pale foundation made my eyes look bright, my eye brows were so arched any disney villain would be jealous. I touched my velvet dress, it was short but when I moved it swayed. It was tight on my waist and chest but cinched and flowed past my hips and knees. It had a white collar that gave me a baby doll look and the black and white striped thigh highs paired with my mary janes made me feel very edgy yet sweet.

Something felt out of place but I couldn't quite figure it out.

I glanced around my vanity and saw a black flower hair pin and fastened it in my hair, maybe I was trying to hard? I just shook my head and sighed. I was going to go out and do something. It was my time to be something.

I pushed myself to my feet and walked out towards the hall. I looked at my feet feeling anxious to hear what Frank might have to say. I felt myself reach my destination. I looked up once I knew I was in the living room and met my eyes to Franks.

He was wearing a white button down shirt, black fitted jeans, and black boots that reached mid thigh. He had a bit of make up on, though I could tell he really didn't try. Just some red and black mixture smudge underneath his eyes. He looked good though. We were gonna look so good together.


Maybe I was being delusional. Oh well. "You look great, Amber!" He said, tilting his head and smiling . I just nodded, blushing, not really used to any sort of attention. I was going to a club though, I should be ready for people to stare at me... dance with me... talk to me...

I felt anxiety rush through me for a moment. My eyes widened and I felt bewildered just the thought of so many people made me realize how closed and sheltered I was. I never really saw many people at my job, 3rd shift as janitorial left me a closed introvert. How was I suppose to talk to anyone?

Instead of keeping it to myself, it all came out fast and jumbled. My mouth felt like liquid and shit just slid right off my tongue "Are you going to leave me alone? I know you have friends and I really, really don't know anyone, I'm really nervous. How do I even talk to people who aren't you? Please, please, don't leave alone tonight."

I felt my head hang and my jaw slack. Fuck. I couldn't expect him to stay with me the whole night. I was so childish, I couldn't just expect this from someone. Was he even my friend? We've lived together for so long, yet I feel so embarrassed. I don't even know how to communicate properly.

He stepped closer and lifted my head with his long fingers. "Don't worry, we're going to have fun. I'll stay with you the whole time, alright?" He chuckled lightly and unclutched my face. "Even if you need me to follow you into the bathroom, I don't give a fuck!"

I felt a smile creep on my face as I heard his laugh echo in my ears. Tonight was going to be fun.... yeah, don't worry, Amber... Everything Will be fine.
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