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It's my Birthday :3

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I have now been around the Sun 17 times

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Wooooooo today I turned 17 years old~ ^w^

I got a bunch of awesome stuff :3
Nikki got me Placebo's new album, Loud Like Love (I spent ages just looking through the little booklet and commenting on how fabulous Placebo are), my friend got me colouring pencils and money, and my Auntie and Uncle got me a live DVD by Placebo (We Come in Pieces), Spirited Away on DVD, and a book on Computer Games Design (it's something I'm highly interested in).

I went out and bought my cake yesterday, it's a giant French Fancy. owo (like this one And I couldn't find any birthday badges, so I made myself one. XD (I found an old badge and just changed the sticker/paper thing on the front to one I made myself. I also found a Charmander badge I forgot I had and wore that too.)

In my Art lesson it was quite amusing as someone else in my class has their birthday today too. x3
In Art we're allowed to bring music along to play (our teacher hates working in silence XD) and seeing as I had the Placebo album that Nikki gave me that morning, I gave it to my teacher to play. Turns out she likes Placebo. She also likes You Me At Six, MCR (she saw them live ;;) and I think she might like Green Day. Some people in my class found the lines 'My computer thinks I'm gay, what's the difference anyway' from Too Many Friends quite amusing. x3

Soooo today was fun. ^^
I'm now going to go and have my cake. :3

P.S. I'm now the same age as the persona in the song 'Dancing Queen'
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