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Sad frerard oneshot. Pretty short. Trigger warning, contains mentions of suicide, character death 'He felt a kindred toward the vast emptiness of the sky, the colours causing it to look bruised. B...

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This is a really, really short oneshot and its kinda sad but I've been feeling really shitty today and decided to write it out. Please R&R if you can :)


The sun was setting early, winter arriving in the bitter air and banishing the life from nature for a while. A vivid spread of deep purples, blues and grey covered the endless sky as it descended into night.

He felt a kindred toward the vast emptiness of the sky, the colours causing it to look bruised. Beaten like his very soul, the light stolen away from it. Slowly the boy pulled his gaze away and looked across the dark waters in front of him, rippling in the icy breeze. For a moment he stared, but not really looking. He didn't notice the reeds swaying or the insects that danced across the top of the water like skaters on an ice rink. He merely stared at the blackness, wondering what lay beneath the murkiness, and thinking of what would soon be hidden beneath it soon.

He raised the cigarette that had been slowly burning away to his busted lips, too far gone in his thoughts to feel the sting as it pulled the dried blood from the cut there and reopening the wound. Briefly he wondered how long he'd sat there, an hour? Maybe longer, he wasn't sure. In the silence he'd lost track of time and for a while, he'd lost himself.

A crack of a twig breaking made him turn slowly, his gaze meeting the blackness of the woodland behind him. There was still enough light for him to see the thorns jutting from the branches of the gnarled brambles behind him, remembering his jeans snagging on the twisted, deformed trees making him fall in his pursuit of the lake. A familiar face appearing in front of his own pulled him away from the not so distant past and into the events of right now

"Frankie..." he smiled grimly "I never thought you'd come..."

"I'm sorry Gerard, its just hard to come back here..." Gerard nodded and rested his head on Frank's shoulder, relishing in the feeling of the boy being with him again

"What do I do now?" Frank pulled his gaze to the rock Gerard held loosely in his hand, the blood drying upon it and looking black. He smiled briefly and looked back into Gerard's troubled eyes, letting him know he'd be okay

"You need to put this down, throw it into the water and out of sight. Nobody will ever find it..." The troubled teen nodded weakly and gripped the object tightly for a moment before throwing it hard, the rock crashing through the gentle surface of the water and sinking away from the view of the judgemental world around him. For a moment he looked up at the now black sky, watching the brightly lit stars and inside praying that the heavens would understand "Nobody on earth will know what happened here...and nobody up there will blame you for it..."

"I hope you're right what should I do with him?" Gerard said whilst nodding in the direction of the corpse laying behind his lover, together they stood and linked their fingers before walking toward the lifeless man.

His eyes were open, frozen in fear. He never knew what was coming, he didn't know this would be his last night alive. For years he had tortured Frank, tearing him into a million tiny pieces and breaking him down until there was nothing left. Until he'd put that thick rope around his pale neck and allowed himself to fall, to end the existence he had suffered through. But something wouldn't let him leave, not until the boy he had given his heart to was free.

Gerard crouched beside the deceased and attempted to close his eyes, they wouldn't shut, forever frozen in his final fear "I can't close them Frankie, I can't bear to look at them..."

"Then it's time, we have to get him into the lake..." Gerard pulled at the heavy boy, dragging him across the dirty ground to the very edge of the water, he took one last look into the tormentors eyes before shoving him. Watching those icy blues disappear, never to be seen again.

A hand gently gripped his shoulder and he turned to Frank, the younger smiling and pulling him into a loving embrace. He turned his head, whispering "I'll be waiting" into the shell of Gerard's ear. Gerard closed his eyes as he felt Frank pull away, feeling the ghost of a kiss on his lips. For a while he stood, his eyes still closed, opening them to find Frank gone and the gnarled trees and brambles before him.

"I'll be waiting"

Gerard turned and picked up the rope that lay in the dirt, a noose already looped into it, and made his way over to the tree he knew so well. It was under that tree he'd first met Frank, it was under that tree he first kissed him and it was under that tree he'd screamed as his boyfriend's lifeless body swung slowly in the wind. A small smile crept onto his lips as he traced his fingers across the letters carved into the wood.
F+G inside a jagged heart.

Slowly he climbed the tree and secured the rope, sitting on the branch Frank had spent his final moments on. He stood and placed the noose around his neck, taking a final moment to breathe in the night air, before allowing himself to fall. For a second feeling the breeze then nothing, no pain or choking or fear, just nothing. He heard something though, a quiet warm voice in his descent into death, freedom...

"I told you I'd wait for you..."
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