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Gundam Seed Asylum

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When a mobile suit pilot has an encounter with an enemy soldier during an ambush, she has no idea of the repercussions that their chance meeting will have on the rest of her life. Through pain, lov...

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Athrun Zala,Dearka Elthman,Yzak Joule - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2013-09-25 - 1340 words


A man once said that "it really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly. We are made to live together because of the interrelated structure of reality." That man changed the world. But do we realize this? Do we realize that the Coordinators need the Naturals just as much as the Naturals need the Coordinators? I wonder how much I realize this myself. Do I know how I am tied to the rest of humanity?

"Array, it seems that there is a hostile group approaching the base. It looks like they are ZAFT. We need to secure the area before I can give the Sargon the go ahead to approach for docking."

"Is it aLaurasia-class ship?"

"No, it looks like it is just mobile suits. A rather small group too from what I can tell."

"Copy that, Joie. Thanks."

Joie's voice cut off from my communication channel and I quickly switched over communications to the rest of the team.

"Well team, it looks like we have some ZAFT mobile suits on our hands. We will need to get rid of them in order for the Sargon to move in."

"So what is the plan then?" I heard one of the other pilots respond.

"Well I think we should use the space station to our advantage. It looks abandoned, so I don't think ZAFT will suspect it to be occupied, it will be a perfect ambush. I want everyone to understand though we will not attack unless they come our direction. We will not go out of way to start a fight. Raasik, I want you and eight others to go inside the station's hangar and wait there until my team is engaged. The rest will follow me to the portside of the station. Got it?"

"Copy that, Array." Raasik's voice cut in.

"Okay then let's move quickly. The faster we get to our positions, the better our chances are for surprise. Oh, and Raasik leave the hangar open, it will make your departure from it less conspicuous and easier."

The team split off into their respective groups Raasik leading his team and I leading mine.

"Raasik, are you in position?"

"Yes, I am."

"Alright everyone, now I want for all of us to turn off our mobile suits except for mandatory functions. I don't want them to trace any heat sources. When I give the order to attack, Raasik, I want your team to wait just a little bit longer so they think it is only my team and come after us. Then, you can come from behind and attack them. You timing will be crucial."


"Now all it is awaiting game." I turned off the communication frequency and slumped back into my chair a little bit. Oh wait... I turned the communication system back on. "Joie, I will need you to tell the captain to move the Sargon further off from this station. I don't want those ZAFT suits to find any traces of it, or else the whole mission may be compromised. I will tell you when they can move back into position."

"Copy that."

Now I can read... well at least until those suits come.

A beep sounded in my cockpit from my sensor screen. I put down my book. Six suits? That is such a small number. That can't be right. I looked at the six dots as they approached closer and closer on the screen. Well, until I otherwise know that is the number Iam going with. This can work to our advantage. They will more likely take the bait, since it will appear to them that it is six on five and in their favour. At least this is a safe battle for my guys to get in, maybe not for the ZAFT suits though. 1000 metres... wait, not yet. Just wait. 800...600...500...400. Now!

I started flipping the numerous switches and checking the gauges. "Alright everyone it is looks like we don't have a choice. Time to rumble. Turn on your suits." Everything looks good in here. Let's go. "Array's team, we are heading out." Just as those words left my lips, the enemy suits came into view as they passed the stern of the station. Perfect. "Fire!"

The first shots left my missile launcher. As I saw them pass in front of me I instantaneously followed behind them with my sabre in hand so I could charge the enemy. Iactivated my wings and a translucent shield lit up before my eyes. This should cause some confusion. A cloud exploded in front of me from my missiles, but I pushed on. Within that next second I was amongst the middle of them, and then I was out the other side with my shield transferred to my back. I looked back to assess the damage Icaused with my saber: an arm, and a leg of different GINNs. I call that a successful charge.

The enemy suits were now recovering from the initial surprise and were returning fire. Without delay, I found myself in the heat of the battle with two GINNs, both of them attacking me in unison at the same time. I pushed the one off with my shield and shot its sensor, disabling it temporarily. I quickly turned to face the second GINN. I positioned my shield just in time to block the blow from GINN's sword that was intended to take out my cockpit.

"Not this time." I muttered to myself. I tried slicing off the right arm of the GINN but he moved back before I could follow through. Instead, I shot a few rounds of my machine gun. The first GINN was now engaged with one of my team members. I won't have to deal with him now. From my peripherals I could see that Raasik's squad was now emerging from the hangar. Well this shouldn't take long at all. As I was watching Raasik's team approach the second GINN had deposited a missile right into my back knocking me forward, and disheveling my brown hair into my face. Before I could retaliate, the GINN was flying off trying to escape."Well isn't he sneaky. Raasik, you take care of this group here. I will take care of the rogue GINN."

"Copy that."

The GINN had flown to the other side of the station. By the time I had gotten there, the GINN was out of sight.

"Now, where did you go there, mister."

Suddenly, there were shots coming in from my left side. "There you are."

It was almost at the other end of the station, by the stern. I fired a few missiles myself in response, one of them reaching its destination and taking out the left arm, and causing some damage to the cockpit area.

The GINN took off to retreat but I pursued it relentlessly. It was now going for the hangar entrance. By the time I reached the entrance, it had slipped out of view. Once again, the GINN had disappeared. I flew in cautiously. The pitch black of the interior made it hard to see anything within the hangar. I flipped on a switch for an exterior light for my suit. The hangar was now dimly illuminated.

Out of the corner of my eye, a flash of movement had caught my attention, the pilot had abandoned the cockpit and was running deeper into the darkness of the station. Why would he do that? As I briefly glanced at the GINN, I knew the reason. It was about the explode. I tried escaping to the hangar entrance but the explosion from the GINN caught me and pushed my suit against the opposite wall. I could hear the sound of metal scraping on metal, and then it all went black.

I should note that all of this story so far takes place before the beginning of Gundam Seed, just aheads up.

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