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Chapter #1

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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship as she got older.

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Lord Sesshomaru had been pre-occupied with Naraku and hence many other demons had moved into his western territory. He knew a lot of fighting would take place over the next few years, so he told Rin to stay in Kaede's village. He would visit often to make sure Rin was well provided for. She learns to fight demons with bow and arrow first. Then as Kohaku completes his slayer training, he teaches her how to fight with throwing blades. She prefers to use these. Rin becomes a pretty, young teenager with a compassionate and courageous heart.
Kaede one day sends her to Jinenji to learn his healing art. Rin grows strong working in the fields and training with her blades. She quickly picks up the healing arts. Jinenji enjoys her company. One night during Jinenji's human phase, bandits attack his village. Rin goes to fight them, while the villagers run away in fear. There are too many bandits and she is overwhelmed and captured. Rin fights as the bandits beat her. They take away her blades and she fights them with teeth and nails. The bandits tie her hands and feet, whipping her into submission. Rin makes no sound as the lash rains down on her back, but her eyes blaze with hate. The bandit leader tells his men to have fun and then kill her. He leaves with two other captured village girls.
Rin feels their hands on her and knows she is about to be raped and she screams, "LORD SESSHOMARU!"
Lord Sesshomaru appears suddenly, red eyed and fierce. His fangs are pronounced and he's snarling. He kills all the humans in seconds, but the bandit leader still gets away. He goes to Rin and his claws slice through the ropes. Rin doesn't know it's him, her eyes are swollen shut from being beaten. She starts to fight like a wounded animal. Lord Sesshomaru says simply, "Rin". She stops fighting and curls into a naked mute ball. He covers her with his fur and carries her away, protectively in his arms.
Lord Sesshomaru has Jaken find Rin a kimono and the next day brings her back to Jinenji, who's back into his demon form. Sesshomaru sits quietly in a corner waiting for Rin's wounds to heal. He leaves during the day assigning Jaken to guard her. At night he comes back to watch over her.
One night Rin, who is physically almost healed, has a violent nightmare where she re-lives her parents deaths and the assault. She talks and tosses in her sleep. Lord Sesshomaru touches her head, the dream breaks and Rin sleeps soundly.
Rin wakes in the morning, eats in silence and then stands and goes outside. She hugs Jinenji, then mounts Ah-Un. Jaken says, "finally you're ready Rin. Lord Sesshomaru is waiting."
Rin says nothing. She is mute and shows no emotion. When they meet up with Sesshomaru, she just looks at him and then hangs her head.
They travel a few days, with only Jaken's occasional ramblings lifting the silence. When Rin finally speaks she tells Sesshomaru she is going to hunt down the bandit leader. Jaken says she is a silly girl and will get herself killed. He tells her to at least let Kohaku go with her. Rin gives him a deadly glance and Jaken shuts up in surprise. Sesshomaru says nothing and lets her go. Kohaku gives her the throwing blades.
Rin tracks the bandit leader down. The sun is setting and the sky glows red. The sound of her blades clanging against his sword sent the birds screeching away. He shouts out insults and tells her all the disgusting things he will do before killing her. Rin says nothing. At last she has him; one blade pressed against his neck drawing blood, another sunk into his belly. He begs for his life. She withdraws her blades and turns around, realizing she can't kill him. She begins to walk away. Rin turns around as she hears a strangled cry behind her. The bandit was in process of lunging his blade to kill her, but Lord Sesshomaru appeared suddenly out of no where. He decapitates the bandit with one slash of his light whip. Lord Sesshomaru stands there in all his cold demon glory. Rin runs into his arms, buries her face in his chest and sobs. He hugs her until she steps back. He pushes a whisp of hair off her tear stained cheek and tucks it behind her ear. Then he turns and walks toward Jaken who is coming out of the forest with Ah-Un.
As the days pass into weeks, Sesshomaru notices Rin is more aggressive in killing demons and fighting bandits. He sees a hardness in her, the light has left her eyes. He doesn't interfere, just watches. He assigned Jaken and Kohaku to kill anyone who puts Rin's life in danger.
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