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Back Again, Finally...

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The reason I've been away for so long (again0...

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The first four chapters of 'Blood and Darkness' were written on my sister's laptop. At the time, it was the only computer in the house with the Internet because the laptop I've used for the first other stories had its plug burned out. I've tried constantly to get on here and bring you the next chapters and even other stories I've written, but it's kinda hard when I have my father, older brother, and younger brother using it day in and day out. Plus, I didn't feel right using my sister's computer when she's hardly getting the chance to use it herself.

On Wednesday, my father finally did what I feared. He screwed up her computer and now he's trying to fix without her knowing that he did it.

He did, however, finally got the new plug for the laptop I'm writing on now and will be posting my stories again. It is the original laptop. I no longer have to use my sister's.

The last apology letter I've written didn't really explain the whole story of this. This one should explain everything.

I am so sorry for being away for so long and you will have the next B+D chapter plus a small story tomorrow. That I promise you.

Please forgive me.

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