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17th Birthday Party

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A one-shot of last night with some of my Ficwad Friends and MCR in it :)

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[A/N] – Hi guys, sorry I haven’t updated my stories in a while... I’m going to try and update them more regularly soon but I get a lot of homework at college and I’m tired a lot too. Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed, this is a one-shot of my birthday party last night :) It’s my birthday tomorrow guys! :D If someone wants to sign up for my personal one shot trade and could upload mine for my birthday I’d be very happy and I’d posted yours Tuesday :3 Anyway, here’s what happened yesterday :L

Penina was the first person to show up at 4.15 because I’d asked my friends to bring over food so that my parents didn’t have to pay a fortune for food, and Penina hadn’t been able to go food shopping before coming over. She came in and we laid the table then we went upstairs to blow up the double mattress that her and Vikki would be sleeping on. Mia had agreed to sleep on the floor because she was a bit of a pushover. It was hilarious watching Penina attempt to blow up the double mattress because whenever it was full and she tried to put the cap on, she couldn’t do it and the bed would deflate so much that she’d have to start again. At one point she’d tried to put the cap on and it blew out with such a force that it hit her hard on the boob. I started laughing hysterically and she pretended to be mad at me but she was laughing too.

After that, we walked up the road to the store to get some chocolate for tonight “I love the cupcakes you got for your party.” Penina told me “Do you not mind about not having a birthday cake though?”

“Not really.” I smiled, thinking about the cupcakes my Mom’s zumba teacher had made for us. They were cookie monster cakes with little cookies sticking out of their mouths. They were adorable and looked delicious “My Mom also brought a champagne bottle that pops out streamers for when you guys sing Happy Birthday. It should be cool.”

We got to the shop and Penina took forever but eventually picked some penguin biscuits, a bar of dairy milk and a packet of minstrels before we started walking back. It didn’t take long for Frank to show up and we went into my room “Here’s your card.” Frank said, handing it to me. It wasn’t my birthday until Monday but Frank went to a different college to me so I opened it while he was there. It was a pretty white card with a black dress on it and it said ‘Happy Birthday’ in fancy writing.

“Thanks.” I grinned, putting it on display on top of my TV. There was a knock at the door “Come in!” I yelled “... Come in. Hello?” I looked outside and saw a car then started laughing “Oh, it was the front door. Not my bedroom door.” I continued laughing as I went downstairs and let in Jennifer. I really liked Jennifer but I didn’t get to see her very often because she was homeschooled after some girls had bullied her harshly in Year Eight.

Pretty much as soon as we got back to my room, Vikki, Gerard and Mikey arrived. I couldn’t be bothered to walk downstairs again so I just yelled “It’s open, let yourselves in!” out the window and sat down on my bed.

Vikki came in first, kissed Frank on the cheek and then handed me my presents “I thought it’d save you having to carry them round college on Monday.” Vikki told me. Gerard and Mikey handed me a card each and their presents because they hadn’t wrapped them. Gerard got me a ‘special friend’ ornament teddy bear and a bag of chocolate smiley faces and Mikey brought me a cupcake made completely out of white chocolate.

“You little shit!” Penina yelled “I wanna see Hozzie open the presents I got her and I decided to wait until Monday and eugh. How could you?”

“At least I’ll have something to open on my actual birthday now.” I smiled, starting to unwrap. Vikki had written ‘have fun opening this ;)’ on one of them and when I pulled off the first layer of wrapping paper there was another layer. Seven layers later, I finally got to the bottom layer. It was a packet of every flavour beans from Harry Potter. She also got me a massive box of maltesers, Mama on DVD and Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting book from Supernatural “Thank you so much!” I cried “I love them!”

Mia showed up then with 40 chicken nuggets from McDonalds so we started eating. She’d got me a really cool card that was actually a jigsaw puzzle I had to put together. Penina joked that by the time I’d managed it I’d turn eighteen and I yelled at her to be quiet then completed it. She got me a big blue bag that smelt like a swimming pool and was filled with things for the bath. I said thank you and sat down next to Jennifer to catch up with her.

Once Ray and Bob had also arrived and my parents had gone out for dinner with my step-sister, we went downstairs and decided to play blind man’s bluff. We played ‘coconut crack’ to decide who would be on first and it was Vikki who was not happy to be chosen first. Me, Jennifer and Gerard ran into the garage and hid in the back room then shut the door and switched the light on because it was really creepy in my garage. We hid in there for a while before we heard Vikki walking towards us. Penina wasn’t playing because she was filming it instead. I grabbed hold of the door handle and pulled hard on it so that hopefully Vikki wouldn’t be able to open it. But she was a lot stronger than I was and managed to open it. I squeaked and dived in between Jennifer and Gerard so that when Vikki came in, she caught Jennifer.

Vikki whispered that she was just going to sit on the arm chair in the dining room and see what happened. I hid behind two dining chairs in the corner of the room and Mia squished down next to the chair Vikki was sitting in before whispering loudly “Oh shit, I think I’m stuck.” I started giggling but tried to keep it quiet so that Jennifer wouldn’t know where I was.

Jennifer came into the dining room clumsily with the blindfold on and Penina started making beeping noises to indicate that Jennifer was getting closer to me. When Penina looked at me, I stuck my middle finger up above the chair and she laughed. Luckily, Jennifer walked right past me and blundered around the room for several minutes before crawling under the table and finding Mikey.

This time, I ran upstairs and went into the bathroom. Frank and Vikki were stood inside my shower and so I got inside too and then Jennifer squeezed in next to me. We couldn’t stop giggling for a long time and then agreed that on the next turn that we should round everybody up and hide in the bath. Then we heard from downstairs that Mikey had caught someone. He’d caught Mia so we rounded up everyone that was playing and ran upstairs. Me, Vikki, Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray squashed into the bath while Ray, Bob and Jennifer got into the shower. Penina was still filming everything and obviously Mia was on. It took her a while but eventually she made it into the bathroom. She tried to open the shower door but she got it caught on the real door so she couldn’t open it properly and could only stick her arm in a little way so she didn’t catch any of them. Then she came walking over to the bath and out of everyone, she could’ve caught in the bath... She caught me.

“Out of everyone in the goddamn bath, you just had to catch me?” I moaned all the way downstairs as Penina tied the blindfold round my eyes and I started walking round the room, trying to find the exit which eventually Penina had to help me find. I stumbled through the dining room and the kitchen then down the corridor until I eventually made it to the stairs.

I crawled up them “Hozzie, why are you lying on the stairs?” Penina asked from behind me as I lay across them to try and find the top step. I pulled myself up them and went into the bathroom. I felt inside the shower and found Frank crouched at the bottom of the shower.

“Goddammit!” Frank yelled “Everyone was in the living room and I thought I’d be safe upstairs but I guess not!”

Frank was on and Vikki came into the kitchen with me. After asking if it was okay, she climbed on top of my counter “Maybe I should get in the sink.” I whispered but she misheard me and thought I told her to get in the sink so she crawled along the counter and sat down in the sink.

I went back into the garage with Jennifer and then I heard someone whisper “Hollie!” I looked at Vikki and Jennifer but it wasn’t them. So I looked towards the back of the garage where it was pretty dark and saw someone moving. I walked forwards slowly when they hissed “Hollie!” again.

As I got closer, they looked familiar “Mia? Is that you?” I whispered nervously. In the dark, she genuinely looked like a demon!

“Yes, who the hell did you think it was?” She teased.

Suddenly Vikki squealed from the kitchen because Frank had caught her. We decided to stop playing and we all went into the living room while Vikki and Penina yelled that they were going to do the cooking for us because Gerard and Mikey had done it last year. If I tried to cook for everyone, I’d give them all food poisoning so I let everyone else get on with it. We were having chicken nuggets just like we always did and they were putting on a pizza for the vegetarians.

All of us sat on the sofa in the living room while Vikki set up her camera when she came back into the living room so we could take some photos. I sat in the middle wearing my prom tiara because it was my birthday. In one photo, the people standing behind the sofa tried to spell out my name with my body and it epically failed. Then the next photo was supposed to be a nice one but Penina counted down to something which I ignored but then she suddenly screamed really loudly in my ear causing me to look terrified in the picture that was supposed to be nice. She was laughing hysterically until Vikki reminded her that they should check on the food and went into the kitchen.

Frank got up to go and find out how long it would take and we heard Vikki and Penina yelling things like “It’ll be done when it’s fucking done, motherfucker!” and “Get the fuck out of our kitchen!”

“Um, guys...” Penina said, walking back into the living room “I sincerely hope you like burnt pizza.”

All of us went into the kitchen to see what the pizza looked like and Penina and Vikki put the next one into the oven and then suddenly freaked out “Ever heard the expression too many chefs spoil the fucking pizza?” Penina roared “The food’s on the table, go and get a plateful.”

I went in and started helping myself to chicken nuggets when Penina started yelling at me to not pick up the food with my hands. I carried on doing it anyway and so did Jennifer but then Penina stole the plate and wouldn’t give it back until I started using a fork. We ate in the dining room because my Mom had forbidden us to eat in the living room. Once we’d finished, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and pop the champagne bottle.

I gave the champagne bottle to Vikki who couldn’t figure out how to pop it. She sat there for a few minutes trying to figure it out until she yelled “I know!” and then pulled the bottom off. The streamers fell out the bottom and went lifelessly to the floor causing us all to laugh hysterically. Vikki put her head in her hands so I picked up the streamers and threw them in the air and yelled “Hooray!”

Then they sang Happy Birthday to me and I pretended to blow out the cupcakes. We were all really full up from dinner so we decided to save the cupcakes for a little while. Mia ran upstairs and came back with my Twister game but not all of us wanted to play. Penina filmed it again, adding her own funny commentary the whole way through. Frank, Vikki, Mia, Mikey and Ray played. Mia and Ray went out straightaway because they bushed butts and fell to the floor. They got poor Vikki out because they wouldn’t stop tickling her and then Mia put skittles down her trousers so she fell over. Mikey and Frank went on playing for so long that we eventually had to announce a draw because it was getting boring.

I went upstairs and got my laptop and announced a competition where they had to guess the piano cover of each song. Eventually they broke up into teams and in the end, Vikki and Mia won. Then my parents came home and it was time for everyone except Vikki, Mia and Penina to go home. Those three were sleeping at mine.

Frank announced that he was going to walk home but it was pitch black and he had to walk around the lake by himself so me, Vikki, Mia and Penina walked with him. It was quite scary walking at night but we avoided people if we could. We didn’t go under the underpass because we were scared someone would mug us if we went down there so we walked across the road and hopped the fence then walked down the hill. Right near the lake, there was a boy sat down with his hood up and Vikki whispered “Dude, he’s a gangster! He might knife us!” We got really creeped out and ran down the street to Frank’s estate.

It was worse on the way back with only three of us and I had to hold Vikki’s hand for most of the way back. I’d also managed to cut my hand on the fence when we’d hopped over it. Vikki kept saying she could probably get away with looking like a boy if she put her hood up but we reminded her that the dress code for my party had been pyjamas so she was wearing her pink pyjama bottoms. We ran home, helped ourselves to one of the cupcakes and went upstairs. We watched all the videos Penina had taken from my party and then we watched Mama because Mia hadn’t seen it yet. It had been a lot scarier in the cinema and I was pretty sure there’d been a lot more bone cracking noises in the cinema than on the DVD version. After that, we went straight to sleep because it was 3AM and we were exhausted!

[A/N] – I missed out quite a lot, like Jess J having to re-blow up the air bed in the middle of the night and making so much noise that she had to attempt to muffle it with pillows but I’ve been writing this for like an hour :’) Anyway, there won’t be any updates from me on my birthday but I will be reading stuff :3 I’ll try and update my chaptered fics on Tuesday! Sorry if this was really bad by the way! :L
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