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The Epilogue

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It is now posted!!! Enjoy my epilogue!

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16 years and counting..

Gerard's POV
The sun is shining bright. Too bright maybe, and being under this hot sun in a jacket and leather boots for fours hours in a hot desert, you would guess I'm burning up. I look around me. I see mountains, dried up grass, cactuses and a rabbit hopping towards east. I look up at the bright hot sun; my red hair in the way and I take a deep breath as I walk back to the trailor where everyone is sitting down. Shooting for this Killjoy music video is a great hassle, but well worth it.
I see Frank running around still trying to catch that wild rabbit he spotted.
"Where were you?" Ray says when I approach them.
"Somewhere over there." I point towards the direction I came from. Mikey hands me a water bottle and I start to drink it.
"Why?" Ray asks as he wipes his sweat.
"My bandana fell while I was running."
"Gerard, John wants to talk to you." Blanche, the assistant director approaches me. I get up and walk to John, the shooting director.
"What's up John." I take a seat next to him.
"I like how everything is going Gerard, your ideas and directing are magnificent."
"Thank you."
"But could we change this camera to this angle? I think it would look better."
"Yeah sure, a minor fix wouldn't be a problem, but I want this mountain to be visible."
"Alright, no problem. Ready to continue?"
"Sure." I get off the chair and shake my hair out.
"Hey Gee look." I hear Frank's giggles and look up. He's holding the rabbit.
"Frank, you're gonna get rabies or something." I walk past him onto the rock and sit on a boulder.
"It looks like my chihuahua." He starts to walk away with it. I giggle to myself and remember his chihuahua Chow-Weenie. Thinking of home reminds me of my beautiful ballerina, who's waiting for me at home to celebrate our 8 years of being married.
It's 6pm, the sun is setting and the breeze is chilly. Up here in the desert, the sunset is beautiful. Wish I could share this sunset with Eddie right now.
I look out the window and stare out deep into the horizon. All I see is cactuses and dirt; a wide open desert. Hard to believe people actually live up here.
But wouldn't blame them. Something about the desert is calming. Like your stress goes away. Wish I could've come up here with my friends in high school. Wonder how that experience would have been.
Inside our RV, it seems I'm the only one awake. Ray fell asleep while reading his comic, Mikey sits uncomfortably on the table with his head down sleeping and Frank, I dont know.. Where is that little midget? I walk over to our bunks and find him sitting down, cramped with a photo album in hand.
"What are you doing?" I ask siting next to him.
"Looking through some old stuff. In some weird way, the desert got me reminiscing."
"I know what you mean." I smile.
I spot a picture of a wedded couple. Frank notices too and a smile crosses his face as he points at it.
"Happy anniversary Gee." He says. He hands me the photo album and I look at the picture of Edith and I, on our wedding day. I smile to myself.
"Why'd you bring this?" I ask Frank.
"Just 'cause. I get bored and what's better than to look at old memories?"
"Right." I smile. Then I head over to my top bunk and rest. I have a long way back home, might as well rest for these next few hours.
We arrive at the studio at 8pm. I rub my eyes as I exit the RV and head to my car. We all say goodbye and split our ways. I start to drive out of the parking lot and make a phone call.
"Hey baby." Edith answers with a small giggle.
"Hey. I'm sorry I'm getting home later than expected, we spent all day shooting."
"It's okay, I had a meeting anyway."
"With the ballet company?"
"Yeah, looks like I have an upcoming tour."
"Oh alright. How's Rachel?"
"Asleep, she just came home from Emma's"
"And Ethan?"
"Okay, well I'll be home in a few."
"Kay, I'll be waiting."
"Alright honey, goodbye."
"Bye bye." She hangs up. I look at my phone's wallpaper before I lock it; a picture of Rachel and Ethan, my children. Rachel my eldest, 9-years-old to be exact, looks like Edith with large hazel eyes. My baby boy, Ethan, who has my pointy nose and Edith's black hair just turned 3 this Spring. I miss them so much, I can't wait to get home.

Edith's POV
As I sit on my couch, drinking my hot tea and watching Breaking Pointe, I realize its been too quiet. Our new dog, a golden retriever named Goldie, a gift from Frank, hasn't been making any noise. So I get up and walk upstairs and enter Ethan's room.
"Mommy!" He yells with an over-joyed smile. I also find Goldie in here with Ethan.
"When did you wake up E-man?" I approach him and pick him up. I plant a kiss on his cheek.
"Goldie was taking care of me." He smiles.
"Hmm, seemed too quiet for you two." I laugh and take Ethan downstairs with me as Goldie follows. I go inside the kitchen and prepare Ethan his night milk and head back upstairs.
"Mommy, I wanna watch Spongebob."
"Ethan, it's your bedtime. Spongebob can wait till tomorrow." He pouts a little but gladly accepts his bottle and starts to drink it. I stare at him as he slowly starts to fall asleep again. His eyes close as he drinks softly and calmly. Goldie stays by my side watching. I kiss Ethan goodnight and close the door softly as I head out with Goldie. I walk downstairs and head over to the couch again.
"Oh crap, my laptop, where is it?" I look around me and then remember I left it in my car. So I grab my car keys and head over to the car.
I look desperately for it, too dark to find it so I turn the lights on. I lean over again and suddenly, feel a tap on my butt.
"Ooh!" I say loudly and thump my head on the car ceiling and step out.
"Hello sugar."
"Wow, you scared me." Gerard places his hands on my waist bringing a smile on my face so I wrap my arms around his neck.
"Who'd you think I was, a burglar?"
"Maybe." I laugh and accept his sweet kiss.
"You're wearing the small shorts I like, so I was tempted to touch your butt. I'm sorry."
I giggle again as I start to get butterflies. After knowing him for about 16 years, Gerard still gives me the butterflies with his soft, raspy, whisper.
"It's okay, let's head inside." We hold hands and enter our home. Goldie runs and tackles Gerard.
"Whoa! Hey Goldie! I missed you girl!"
Goldie barks. Gerard and her play for a while as I head inside the kitchen. After I pour us both a glass of wine, Gerard comes in passing his fingers through his bright red hair.
"Happy anniversary." I tell him passing him a glass.
"Happy anniversary to you too." We cling our glasses together.
"Im sorry this day got ruined though." He starts after swirling the wine cup.
"Don't be sorry." We make our way out onto the patio.
"But look, it's our anniversary and we're spending it drinking wine at 9pm with no celebration. By the way, the guys wish us a happy anniversary."
"Aww how nice. And who said there won't be a celebration? It doesn't mean we have to celebrate today. Harry and Vicky are flying over tomorrow."
"Really??" He says with joy in his voice.
"Yeah, they've decided to pay us a visit.
"Wow, its been so long since they've visited. Awesome!"
"It's sure is." He wraps an arm around my shoulders and I rest my head peacefully on his chest.
"Mom? Dad?" We hear and we turn our heads towards the door. Rachel stands there rubbing her eyes.
"What's up?" Gerard says.
"I'm scared.." She walks over to us with her teddy bear in hand.
"Oh what's wrong sweetie?" I make room for her between Gerard and I.
"Well, while I was at Aunt Emma's, Tommy showed me a scary movie about a guy who eats people. I'm scared that he's under my bed."
"Dammit Tommy, he's so mischievous. Rache, there's nothing under your bed. Lets go, c'mon." Gerard grabs her hand and we all head upstairs. We enter her room and turn on the lights.
"No monsters here!" Gerard yells looking under the bed.
"Now get back in bed and I'll tell you a story okay?" He tucks her in and starts to tell her a story about The Killjoys influenced by his new album Danger Days:The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. The whole band has been obsessed with that theme. It's quite adorable.
Tommy is actually Emma and Frank's eldest son but is a year younger than Rachel. He might be younger but very mischievous. Must get it from his dad.
I walk in my room getting ready to go to bed. I enter the restroom and look at myself in the mirror. Every anniversary, I always get nostalgic and remember the hardships Gerard and I went through. But know after all that, we're finally happy. It's a huge blessing.
As I remember my past, I also remember my younger self. Can't help compare me as a 16 year old, than 23 year old, and now 31 year old. The only thing that has stayed the same is my jet black hair. Unlike my husband whose gone from black, to a red tear drop on his hair, to short white blonde, to short black, back to ear length black, back to blonde and now red. Wow, that's a lot of different hair colors. I'm always afraid he'll go rainbow.
Unlike the short hair I use to have, now it's longer. It reaches just right below my breasts. I like it this long, had it like this when I was 16.
I haven't really gotten new artwork on my body, due to the fact that I am a full time prima ballerina here in a prestigious ballet company in California. But I did get a tattoo of a flock of birds leading on to my heart. They all represent family, love, and a few burdens that have completely changed my life that I can't possibly forget. It's weird to say that I do cherish those burdens.
Gerard soon comes in the restroom and starts to take a leak as I brush my teeth. I finish and then he starts to wash his hands while looking at his hair.
"How's your music video coming?" I ask.
"It's going great. You should come with me next time, the sunsets in the desert are beautiful. Every time I looked at it, I wished you were there."
"If they mean that much to you then I will go with you next time." I kiss him while squeezing his butt. My usual tradition.
"Since its our anniversary, I think you owe me something. Don't you think?" He starts to nibble on my neck, "I know you want this Party Poison."
I laugh, "when all those fan girls say you're a sass, they ain't wrong."
We walk over to the bed and he lays on top of me.
"You locked the door right?" I say as I lay half naked.
"Yeah. Don't want the kids to see this."
"Course not." So we continue to strip our cloths off and have a lustful night.


The next morning, I hear a doorbell.
"Go get it." I tell Gerard half asleep. He moans, takes my arm off his chest and walks over to the door.
After a few seconds, I hear the door open and loud hellos rip the morning air.
Almost forgot about our visit today. Harry and Vicky are here; that explains the laughter. I sit up and put some cloths on and head downstairs.
"Where's Edith?" I hear Vicky say as she hugs Gerard.
"I'm here." I say as I walk downstairs. I hug Vicky, who shockingly is pregnant.
"Oh my god! I missed you so much!" She says in my ear. I hug her tight being careful with her belly.
"I missed you too! I like the surprise by the way." I say and place a hand on her belly.
"Oh I'm glad. It's a double surprise if you know what I mean." She smiles. I grin and laugh with joy. I then turn over to Harry who talks with Gerard.
"Hey!" I tell him giving him a big hug. His scruffy beard scratches my cheek.
"Hey!" He says as well, "so proud of you man! Went to see your performance in NYC last spring. It was amazing!"
"Dude, why didn't you tell me you were there!?"
"I couldn't, the press was all over you!"
I laugh, "that's true. Im glad you went! I'm so glad to see you!" I hug him again and he slightly picks me up.
"I thought you said you wouldn't grow a beard and dye your hair brown. What's up with that?" I tease him.
"Thought I'd do something for a change. Besides, Vicky loves this look."
"You look great!"
"Thanks." We head over to the kitchen and join Gerard and Vicky who share a conversation. I sit next to Vicky as Gerard pours them a glass of water.
"I was telling Gerard I saw a billboard of MCR in Times Square." Vicky starts.
"You did?!" I look over at Gerard who smiles shyly.
"Yeah, it's huge and Gerard looks like a different person along with the other guys." Harry adds.
"Wow, that's awesome!" We soon hear loud thumps coming from the stairs into the kitchen. Rachel and Ethan happily greet their uncle and aunt.
I get off my chair and cook something for my family and guests to start the day.


As Gerard plays with the kids in the pool, and Harry grills some beef, Victoria and I sit and talk by our huge oak true and catch up.
"How many months are you?" I ask her and place a gentle hand on her belly.
"6" she says and smiles.
"Boy and girl? Girl and girl, boy and boy?" I laugh.
"Boy and girl."
"Aww that's cute. I've always wanted twins."
"Really? Aww."
"Yeah, but no one in my family has ever had twins." I giggle.
"My grandma was a twin but her sister died at a young age in a car accident."
"Oh that's so sad."
"I know."
"If you don't mind me asking, why did you and Harry decide to have kids till now?"
"Well.. All these years we've been happy on our own. Just the two of us with no responsibilities. But we got to talking one day and Harry was like, I'm 39 and I have no children. He first said it as a joke but then I asked him if he wanted kids and he said yes. We talked it over, got to planning and you know, this happened."
"Oh that's so nice. I'm happy for you two."
"Thank you. But lets get real here, you have two kids??"
"Yup." I start to laugh.
"I knew you had Rachel because of that night you announced you guys were engaged but Ethan? I didn't expect that!"
I continue to laugh, "well Gerard and I just wanted another kid. We hoped for a boy and got a boy! And this one was planned."
"Aww.. Oh! What about Frank and Emma? Where are they? How are they?"
"Well right now they're at the hospital. Tommy got sick."
"Oh, okay. And Jade?"
"Oh man, I don't even know right now. She's always touring with the LA Philharmonic."
"Oh, good for her." In the distance, I see Ethan running towards me.
"Hi E-man, what's up?"
"Daddy's hair is bleeding." He giggles.
"Bleeding?" I look at Vicky and stand. I walk over to the pool and see red stains.
"What happened?" I look at Gerard who walks towards me drying his hair.
He cocks his eyebrows and shows me the pink stained towel.
"You're hair dye is dripping??" I start to crack up.
"Oh my god.." I touch his hair and my hand gets stained with his hair dye. I start to laugh again and hug him.
"No more pool for you." I tell him and kiss his lips.
"Food's ready!" Harry yells and we all walk towards the patio.
"Come on Rache." I tell Rachel who's still in the pool. She gets out and runs over to uncle Harry being the first one to be served. Harry serves the kids mini cheeseburgers and the grown-ups get a delicious steak with calamari and salad.
As we get to eating and making fun of Gerard's hair period, I hear my front door open followed by a loud voice.
"I smell steak!" Frank comes out to our patio and at the sight of Harry, he jumps on top of him.
"OMG you're here!!" They hug for a while. Then Emma comes in with Tommy and Savannah, their daughter and son. Tommy and Savannah go and join their cousins under the tree.
"Oh my god, hey!!" They both greet Harry and Vicky. They have long, Heart-felt hugs and join us at the table.
"I can not believe your pregnant!" Emma says shockingly touching Vicky's belly.
"Well believe it!" She laughs.
"So proud of you man." Frank pats Harry's back. I smile and get up to go in the kitchen to get more frozen grapes.
I open my freezer, get the grapes and when I turn around, Harry is serving himself some wine.
"You don't mind me getting some wine do you?"
"Not at all." I smile and walk over to him.
"So how's your company?" I ask and accept the glass he served me.
"It's awesome. We just went on tour a couple of months ago to Europe. Now we're working on a project to go to Central America and expose the art of dance to the poor."
"Wow, that's so good. You're really going full-experience with your company now aren't you?"
"Yeah, I'm so excited for this. When I was like 23, I went to Haiti for a study to help out those in need and completely fell in love with the passion these people had for learning."
"Wait, you never told me that.."
"I know, never thought it was important"
"Of course it is! That's awesome. So how did you get into that?"
"I'm part of he Peace Corps."
"Oh, I've heard of that."
"Yeah, it's a wonderful experience."
"I can't believe you never told me!" I slap his arm and he giggles.
"I'm sorry! Anyway, are you and Gerard busy later? Like, do you guys have anything in mind to celebrate for later?"
"No, not really.. Why?"
"I know this really cool Mexican restaurant with awesome food, live music and a dance floor. I was thinking we should go."
"Oh! Totally! I mean, you know about good food so why not?" I laugh and he joins.
"Alright, we should invite the whole group and it'll be like old times."
"Oh, definitely!" I hug him feeling excited for his offer. As I hug his neck and he hugs me back sweetly with warmth, I know we both feel nostalgic.
"You know, I haven't said this in a long time but thank you Harry." I say letting go and looking in his eyes.
"You just said it when I served you wine." He laughs.
"No! I mean, for you and for everything you've done for me. I mean, you helped me out when we were together and then you've accepted our friendship even though we have a past and now we're just really good friends. Know what I'm saying?"
"Yeah I get it. I mean, how many times do you come across two ex's who are really good friends?"
"Exactly! For that reason, I really appreciate your friendship."
"I do too." He says and we hug again.
"I'm also glad for you and Victoria. Never thought you two would be soul-mates."
"Yeah, that was a surprise. I love her so much. When she told me she was pregnant, I was scared and happy. I never wanted children when I was young but suddenly got obsessed with the idea. I've hesitated on having children since the first time I held Blessing in my arms."
"Wow, that long ago?"
"Yeah! She was just too cute and I was like, do I want babies?" We both giggled, smiled, and hugged once more before Gerard came in the kitchen.
"Eddie, do we have Caprisuns?"
We find him with his head in the fridge.
"Yeah I think so, why?"
"The kids want soda and I don't want to give them some." He turns around drinking some water.
"Oh okay, check the pantry."
"Kay." He leaves.
"I'm gonna go back outside." Harry says so then I follow Gerard.
"Did you find any?" I ask him as he looks around.
"Oh, here." He grabs the box and we enter the kitchen.
"Listen.." I stop him before he heads out.
"Harry suggested we go out to a Mexican restaurant tonight. You cool with that?"
"Yeah for sure." His smile grows. My heart melts at his beautiful smile and I kiss him.


It was 6:30pm and we were all getting ready to head out. The rest of the gang will meet us at the restaurant and Harry and Vicky sit comfortably in our living room waiting for us.
As I spray some perfume, Gerard approaches me at the mirror.
"Did you call the babysitter?" He asks fixing his belt buckle.
"Yeah, she's on her way."
We hear a door bell, "that must be her. I'm gonna go open."
I walk downstairs and open the door to find Sandy, our 16-year-old babysitter that lives down the street. She grins happily as she walks in.
"Hi Mrs. Way, you look lovely this evening."
To compliment the night, I put on a red strapped dress that's loose from the bottom and open-toed beige heels.
"Thank you! And thank you for coming, really. It was short notice but so glad you could make it."
"No problem." We start to walk up stairs and before I open the door to the kids room, I stop her.
"There's 4 of them, think you could handle it?"
"Sure!" She says happily. I open the door and we're instantly invaded with chaos and the smell of diapers. The kids scream and laugh as they play with the Wii.
"Ugh, smells like Ethan needs a change." I pick him up and he starts to wiggle in my arms.
"I'll take care of it." Sandy offers. She takes Ethan in her arms and he shouts, "Sandy!" And hugs her neck. I close the door behind me and head downstairs.
"Are we ready?" Harry asks.
"Yeah, we're just waiting on Gerard." Right when I say that, Gerard walks down wearing his skin tight black skinny jeans, boots, an olive green unbuttoned shirt with a black t-shirt.
"Let's go." Gerard says. I smile to him. He smiles back and grabs my hand.

Gerard's POV
As we drive on our own separate car, I look over at Edith who puts on dark red lipstick.
"You look gorgeous tonight." I compliment her while stroking her thigh.
"Aww, thank you." She smiles as she puts her lipstick away.
"You do too. I love how this shirt looks on you." She strokes my shoulder.
"Thanks. You know Edith, you realize it's been about 16 years that we've been together?"
"I know.." Her smile grows.
"..and yet, you still look beautiful as always."
"I love you Gerard.." She holds my hand tight in hers, "I never thought we would go this far. You realize all this started because of one single stare at a super market?"
"Yeah, I know right!" I scoff. I stroke her hand with my thumb.
"I remember cursing the day I moved to New Jersey, but It turned out to be a huge blessing." She says smiling wide.
"What a trip.." I finish off as we enter the parking lot. I step out and go around to open the door for her. As we walk hand in hand to the entrance, we spot Ray and Christa along with Jade and Mikey.
"Hey guys." We greet them. The two sisters hug and catch up as I talk with Ray, Christa, and Mikey. A few minutes later, Frank, Emma, Harry, and Vicky join us. Now it's the whole gang together once again. Everyone hugs, greeting each other happily as we haven't been together in a very long time. After the love that was shared, I walk over to my wife and head inside with the rest following behind.
We are escorted to one of the largest tables in the house near the dance floor.
"I didn't know there was a dance floor." I whisper in Edith's ear.
"What do you expect." She winks.
"Should've known... Two dancers in the family." We both laugh. I sit in between Edith and Jade so I turn to Jade and poke her.
"Oh hey." She says with a sweet smile.
"How's it going? You've been gone for a while."
"I know, I was on tour."
"Yeah, seems like we're a touring family."
"Oh yeah, that's funny, just noticed."
"Mikey told me about the music video you directed. How was that?"
"It was great! I never thought I'd enjoy directing."
"That's nice. I'm proud of you Gee." She wraps an arm around my shoulders.
"Thanks." And I hug her back.
We get to ordering and it seems like we ordered the whole menu. As we wait for our food, Frank, Edith, and Harry already seem to be a little buzzed. Out of all of us, they are the loudest ones making jokes.

We continued to mingle amongst all of us while eating. We each grubbed on each others food like we always have at a restaurant. Then afterwards while eating desert, a buzzed Edith tugged my shirt.
"Oh my god Gerard, we have to go dance!"
"No! You know I dont know how to dance!" I giggle as she starts to nibble on my neck.
"Please.." She whispers seductively.
"No.." I start to blush until she is pulled away by Harry.
"Let's go dance." He pulls her up and they walk over to the dance floor.
"Whoa.. They're killing it." Ray says after they went from a small groove to full on Dancing with the Stars
"I didn't know Harry could move like that." Jade says.
"Oh he can." Vicky laughs.
"I'd have to admit, I'm a little jealous." I confess. Everyone turns to look at me.
"But I dont know if I should be more jealous of Harry, for dancing with Edith or jealous for Edith, for knowing how to dance any kind of style." Everyone laughs. Then Frank starts, "then go dance! Show them what you've got Hippo!"
"Omg you haven't said that in so long!" Emma shouts.
"I know right, kinda miss it." I say.
"Go dance Gee, I wanna see you." Christa says.
"I dont know.."
"I thought you knew ballroom." Jade butts in drinking her wine.
"I do! But Salsa is nowhere near ballroom."
"Let's go dance Jade." Mikey stands and drags Jade.
"What!?" She fights back but let's lose when Mikey starts to get the groove of Salsa.
"What the fuck..." We all say.
"Fuck it.." Frank also stands and drags Emma who doesn't complain. Now it's only Ray, Christa, Vicky and me at the table.
"Are you two gonna leave me alone too?" I scold at the couple.
"Nah, unless Christa wants to dance." Ray looks at her.
"Pfft, no. I'm completely stiff from my hips." She snorts.
Ray and I laugh and then I look over at Harry and Edith. Their dancing, for some reason, only reminds me of Linda's wedding; when Edith and I were dancing and Harry was jealous. I can now understand why he was jealous.
Okay, I'm not completely raging with jealousy because I know Harry and Edith don't have a thing but you know, I wish I was the one up there with her. After all, it is our anniversary. But watching her dance is the most joyful thing I can ever watch. I've always liked watching her dance. Something about the way she moves is so perfect, smooth, fun, relaxing. Her passion shouts when she dances.
I scoot over to where Vicky is sitting and start small talk.
"You seem quite comfortable." I tell her.
"Yeah, I am."
"Are you watching Harry dance as well?"
"Yeah, I love watching him dance. It's sexy." She laughs, "you watching Edith?"
"Yeah. I love watching her dance too. Its very entertaining."
"Yeah.." She sighs, "here, help me up."
"Okay." I grab her hands and help her up.
"Dance with me." She says.
"Dude, are you kidding me?!"
"No! come on."
Because she is pregnant, and I know how cranky pregnant women can get, I don't deny her request.
"How do we dance.." I start to blush.
"Just grab my hands and move your feet to the rhythm of the music."
"Okay.." I listen to the rhythm but the Spanish words distract me. So I sway my hands a little and mock Vicky's feet.
"Harry and I love to dance Salsa. We use to do it all the time before I got pregnant."
"Oh really? Did he teach you?"
"Yes actually." She laughs. The song changes into a slower song and that's when Harry and Edith approach us.
"Mind switching partners?" Harry says.
"Not at all." I smile and he takes Vicky's hand and leads her to the middle of the dance floor where they start to slow dance romantically.
Edith, on the other hand, sends me a flirtatious grin and leads me towards the darker part of the dance floor.
"Having fun?" She asks as she snakes her arms around my neck.
"Yeah, I'm enjoying everything." I smile at her.
"So you'll dance with Vicky, but not me?" She starts to question me.
"It's not that, I just don't dance Salsa."
"Oh come on, I could have taught you."
"It's okay.." I just smile. We stay silent for a bit, till I confess.
"Well, I would have gone to dance with you, but then I felt intimidated."
"What? Why? By who?"
"By Harry and you! And not to mention, I was a little jealous."
"Gerard!" She smacks my shoulder, "this again?! We're married for damn sake!"
"Not that kind of jealous! I envied Harry for dancing with you because he's such a great dancer and I'm fucking stiff!"
"No you are not! I've seen how you move your hips when you're singing Planetary Go! in concert!"
"But that's different!" I laugh.
"No it's not! Well anyway, I seriously could have showed you, come on."
"I know but then I started watching you dance and I was like, wow, she looks so sexy"
She laughs "oh wow!" Then she looks straight into my eyes and I at hers. The stare was strong and the music was romantic; I know both our hearts wanted to explode with love. Her eyes dilated, like they always have and I felt my cheeks burn with love. We didn't need words to explain how much we loved each other, the silence and the stares were enough and that's how it has always been. She leaned in and kissed me lustfully and eagerly, as if we've never kissed before. My hands went to her waist and I gripped her dress tightly. The kiss takes me back in time and its like every kiss we've shared made into one full of love. Her tongue entered my mouth and played with my tongue making me pull her closer. Her hands brush my hair and tug a little, like she always has when she's feeling hot. She slowly lets go, biting my lip on her way, and stares back at me with her beautiful eyes that resemble a cat.
"Did you feel the intensity." She whispers in my ear as we continue to slow dance.
"Yeah... It was strong." I whisper back as she rests her head on my shoulder. We stay silent, but again, the silence is all we need to express our love.
I hug her close until the song finished and now we head outside in the small patio to be alone.
"What a night.." She says as she pulls me in between her arms.
"Yeah, it's an incredible night." I look up at the stars and the moon and back at her eyes that still dilate.
"Do you love me?" I ask the most ridiculous question.
"Of course." She talks in a low voice.
"How much."
"Oh my... There's no words, no amount of.. Anything to express my love for you Gee."
"Same goes for me sugar." I say and kiss her sweet lips that taste like cherry. I hug her waist and she rests her head on my shoulder. We stay like that for a while till she speaks, "do you remember when we announced our marriage and my pregnancy of Rachel?"
"Of course I remember." I stroke her naked back.
"Do you remember the overwhelming feeling we felt as we hugged that night? After we told them, I remember I couldn't speak and I couldn't think straight. I couldn't move, I just wanted to hug you. Did you feel like that?"
"I did, and probably even more. I was so happy to know the love of my life was having my child."
"Well.. That's exactly how I feel right now. It's been 16 years Gerard, since the first time I ever saw you. And since that day, you still having me head-over-heels for you." Her voice starts to get groggy. Her words pierce into my heart like a thousand arrows and I feel this love bubble coming up my throat. My head pounds, my mind has lost it's direction of thinking and my heart swells with many different emotions. I can't help but say:
"I fucking love you Edith"
I grab her face in my hands and kiss her deeply, like I never have before. The kiss is different, deeper, and a new kind of connection ties us together.
I pull away, catching my breath keeping my eyes closed. It feels like so much energy was pulled away from me that I have to catch my breath. I open my eyes and she stares deeply at me, with her pupils bigger, and shinier than they were before.
"I can see your eyes dilate." She smiles.
"That's how much I'm in love with you." She pecks my lips lightly and slowly.
"Happy anniversary my love." She says.
"Happy anniversary sugar." I tell her and we hug again.


When we head back home, our friends follow us and we continue to mingle with a few drinks.
"So how'd you like your anniversary?" Mikey asks Edith and me. The whole table listens.
"I had a lot of fun, how about you sugar?"
"It probably has to be one of the best ones. I mean, isn't it the first in a very long time where we're all together?"
"Yeah I think so." Jade says.
"With Jade being gone all the time..." Frank says.
"Hey it's not only me. I can recall you being gone for your anniversary as well!"
"Touché" he laughs.
"I think there was one time when it was someone's anniversary and we were all gone doing something else. We didn't celebrate." Ray says.
"I think I remember that too. Jade and I were talking earlier saying that we're a touring family." I add.
"Oh that's right.." Emma says, "well, except Christa and I."
"Yup" Christa agrees.
"Then there's me." Vicky replies.
"Oh right! Sorry, since you don't live here I forgot! No offense!" Emma says.
"None taken." Vicky smiles.
"Well it's good to be together. I miss it." Harry says. We all agree.
"Time for a picture!" Frank yells and takes out his iPhone. We all stand and take a picture next to the table. First Frank takes one of all of us and then switches the camera view so he's taking a selfie with us in the background.
"Funny face!" He yells and we obey his claim.

The love is strong within all of us as well as the droopy eyes. We head back inside our living room and watch a scary movie as our all-time tradition. Edith clings to my shirt as we watch and like always, we laugh at her childish acts. This night definitely feels like high school.
And just like the kids are sleeping together upstairs having their own little sleep over, all of us decide to do the same and lay out a bunch of blankets and sleep together in a clump.
At night as we all start to fall asleep, Frank starts to speak.
"I just want to tell you all that I'm glad we're doing this. Have a goodnight sleep and I love each and everyone of you. You all are my family and forever will be."
We all respond to Frank's comment with so much love and wish everyone a goodnight sleep.
I hug Edith's waist under the sheets and whisper, "I love you Eddie."
"I love you too Gee. Goodnight."
"Goodnight." We kiss one last time for the night and happily sleep together hugging each other close.

/The days have been long
The silences strong
The past is out
But close to our hearts
There is no day that passes by
That I don't think about the super market encounter
I love all my friends and family
And I'm happy to finally call you mine/

~The End~

**I'm sorry this took forever but it just got super hard to write. Not only was my imagination dead but the lack of time made it impossible. But I finally sat down and finished this epilogue and I'm super happy about it. I hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did. I have a new story in the works so hope you guys wait and follow me in that journey. Thanks for reading :) I love all of you!
If there's anyone who has read this, please R&R, it'll be very helpful for me to receive feedback! Thank you!
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