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Yuusuke's new love

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Lexi is a wanderer who meets Yuusuke. Will this be love?

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Lexi_Jaganshi: Ok. I have been really depressed lately so I am going to write a fanfic about Yuusuke and his new love, me. I hope people like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho.


Chapter 1: Wondering...

I slowly walk down the silent path. I hear the wind blowing as the night is almost silent. I feel the wind wrap around me as I walk. My dark red hair blows in the wind as my brown eyes look at the lonely moon.

I continue walking on the path until I see a small house. I smile and walk into it. There I see my friend. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She smiles at my presence. "Lexi. It is good to see you again." she says to me. I nod and sit down.

She makes some food and I slowly eat. I tell her of my adventures and she listens with full attention. She enjoys listening to my stories. I finish telling her and she tells me to be careful. I nod and get up. I tell her I am going to visit Elizabeth. She gives me a cloak and I take it. I smile at her and leave.

The wind has settled down a little bit so I am able to ealk without freezing. The cloak keeps me warm. The moon gives me light as I walk to my next destination. Where was I to go? Oh yes...Elizabeth's house.

I slowly make my way to a small cottage. I see a girl with blondish brownish hair. She has sparkling green eyes. She looks up from what she is doing and smiles at me. "Lexi! Oh my gosh! It is so good to see you again!" she says happily.

I smirk at her remark. I used to be with them all the time. Now I am a wonderer and I travel a lot. I hope to settle down somewhere with someone I love...but that will take a very long time. I go inside with Elizabeth and she tells me about her life and I tell her about my adventures.

After talking, I leave. She gives me some food to take along with me. I slowly make my way to somewhere I haven't been for a very long time. My best friend's house. Rachel...

I think about her and tears come to my eyes but I refuse to let them fall. I slowly make it to the city where she resides. I walk to a small house and knock on the door. A girl with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes answers the door. This is Rachel...

Her eyes widen as she hugs me. She is so happy to see me because I haven't seen her in about 2 years. We go inside and talk about what has been happening. When I tell her I must leave, she gets sad. I feel guilty so I give her a black rose. She gices me her scarf. "I'm only lending this to you so you better give it back," she says to me.

I smirk and take my leave. I feel the wind on my body as I walk down the streets of the city. I sigh as I look at the lonely moon. It is only half full. I walk down the street with my head down. I feel lonely and depressed. I wonder to so many places...I have no home...

I feel the wind as it picks up a little. I can sense a storm near by. I frown and sigh once more. I know I will have to stay somewhere safe until the storm is over. I think of somewhere I can stay...but nothing comes to mind.

I finally reach the forest area. I see the trees billowing in the wind. I smirk and walk into the forest. I see many little animal demons on my journey across the forest. I feel some rain and I know the storm is about to begin. I get to a small area where I can stay.

I stay there until the storm is over and I walk out into the forest once more. The half moon shines brightly as I walk towards a bright city. I do not know where I am.

I see many bright lights and I see a sign that says: "Welcome to Tokyo." I realize that I am in Japan, a place where I had trained with Master Genkai. I slightly remember her. I walk into the city and walk down the busy streets.

The streets were full of people even though ut was night. I see some teenaged boys in a small booth of a cafe I pass. One has orange hair and black beady eyes. Another has long red hair and emerald eyes. The smallest one has gravity defying black hair and ruby eyes.

Then...I see the last boy...He has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. His hair is slicked back and he has such a happy expression on his beautiful face. He wears a white shirt and jeans with a brown jacket over it.

I can feel myself blush as I walk into the cafe. I walk up to the counter and take a seat. I can't help but think of the boy. I hear his voice. It sounds so enchanting...

The man at the counter asks me what I want. I order some water and he brings it to me. I slowly sip at it as I listen to the gossip about the latest demons. I smirks as I hear the teenaged boys talk about how the demons these days are so easy to defeat.

I can't help but agree with them. I know how the demons lately can get. Bt all in all...They are pretty easy to defeat. I have encountered many, but I use my bow and arrow or my katanna to kill them.

I sit on the small chair while sipping at my water. I am currently wearing a black shirt and jeans underneath my cloak. I also wear knee length boots. I look at the counter as I sip at my water some more. I think of the boy and I hear his voice once again......It seems much closer than before.

I realize he is talking to me. I look at him. "Hey. How come you are sitting alone?" he asks me. I smile slightly. "I am kind of new here so I do not many people here." I say to him. He sits on the stool next to me. "My name's Urameshi Yuusuke." he says to me. "Shiwamoto Lexi..." I say to him.

I sip at my water a little more. "Well...Hope to see you around town." he says to me. He gets up and leaves with his crew.

I realize something..."Maybe I should stay here in Tokyo..." I say to myself...
Lexi_Jaganshi: This is the longest chapter I have ever written in one day. Wow. Anyways...R&R Please.
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