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Passion & Emotion

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CM Punk finds out Maria Kanellis is getting married in a few days. Even though he's dating Velvet Sky some feeling in his gut is telling him to tell Maria how he feels. Oh and I DO NOT OWN WWE.

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Side note: I know, I been away for a week. Sorry about that. Been busy with stuff an what not, don't really have the time to respond to arrogance. FT haters. But anyway,I'm back.

Chapter 1

Phil Brooks. A man with a lot pride and am ego bigger than his own heart. when he an Maria were a couple he thought he was on top of the world for sure, even if wrestling independently mean crappy money it still meant his passion;his dream of becoming a wrestler was no longer pie in the sky.

In addition to that he was a well known in the "Minor leagues" of wrestling everyone was talking about even in the WWE locker room. sure, him and Maria bumped heads at times and they got at each other's throats but they still loved each other regardless.

Sitting in his hotel room alone he is looking through old photos and old text messages. "How I fucked up so bad...I'll never know". he says to himself. He sighs and begins to cry. How could he be so heartless and cruel to her?

Punk is dating Velvet sky but she's not Maria. Not even close.
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