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Um Yeah. I'm Not Coming Back I Just Wanted To Say Something.

by MCR-99 7 reviews

Just hear me out, please!

Category: Drama - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2013-10-05 - 218 words

Okay, I know you probably all hate my guts right now and am plotting mass murder but I just want you to hear me out for a second.

Okay, so about what I said, I never meant it. I was just kind of stressed with the whole money problem my parents were going through (which I think has been sorted now) and, well, those things spurted out of me and I never meant to say them and I'm sorry.

Also, before you say anything, I'm not coming back. I've decided that things here on FicWad are a bit.. cramped, so to speak, and I just need a fresh start, which I have taken.

If you still want to remain friends with me, I have a Wattpad account now (but I'm only on Fridays and Saturdays because of school). My Wattpad account is: sadiethecupcake. But, if you're gonna be mean to me about what I said, then don't, because the other night I relapsed after being 2 months and 2 days clean of self-harm and I really don't want to ruin that.

Also.. thanks a fucking lot for rating pretty much every single story I've done in a bad way. Wow. Way to make me regret ever writing this apology.

So..uhm.. yeah. I guess I'll just pack up and go.
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