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True Love Never Lasts.

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Sometimes you have to give up the most important things in life to make it better.

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Just a quick little poem type thing I wrote a while in school while I had a few minutes free time. My thoughts it's a little crappy, but it was written when I was in science with a teacher looking over my shoulder seeing what I was doing every few minutes. So it's a little rushed
Hope you enjoy!

She was the first
The first to get it right
The code for my heart
That nobody got

I remember meeting her, back when we were first years.
She was 15, I was 16
We sat next to each other in every class
Occasionally spent time together after school
She found my secrets
I found her fears

It was our friend who figured it first
The feelings I had for her I didn’t even know
It stabbed me in the heart when I figured it out
I never get to be with her

She had feelings deep down she also didn’t know about
For a guy that’s our mate
He also had those feelings, but always put them to the back of his head
Which were for her.

When she found out about my secret
She kissed my cheek
She told me I’ll always be in her heart
She’ll always be in mine

I remember the wedding
Boy that was hard
Happy couples all around me
Me with no one

When they tied the knot
I felt like dying
I tried to commit
She was the one who found me

The last time I talked to her
She told me they were moving
All the way to NYC
She said to me, tears in eyes
Sometimes you have to give up the most important things in life
To make it better

I miss her
I really do
One day it might turn my way.
One day it mightn’t

Here I sit years later
Looking at pictures of us
I remembered the good old times we all had

I haven’t seen her since that day
Which makes me think
I really want her back
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