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The opening.

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That's what I've named this story. It reminds me of the way I was always binded to him by a pull that, to me, felt nearly supernatural. I could never leave him. The harder that I tried, the harder the invisible rubber band that tied us together made me crash into him once more.


It was always a strong, relevant feature in our story. The third role, the actor that came rushing onto the stage, into the scene, at the least expected, least appropriate moment. We reached the highest clouds, clouds with silver lining and a steady base to stand on, together, but there is no escaping gravity. The clouds would dissolve and we would once more fall flat on our faces.
Strange, how you never got used to it.
Strange, how it never began to hurt less.

I was eighteen when I met my soulmate.
It's a contradictory thing to find one, when on the other hand you truly know you have found your missing half and wouldn't let go for the world, but on the other hand there comes a point when you come to realize your inability to let go, and it will begin to haunt you.
To consume you.
For even when you've reached a dead end, there is no turning back, and the only consolation you'll find is the words love is to endure.

Ignorance is bliss, the say, so when you only have bad options, what do you choose?
I chose to endure. I chose to close my eyes, hoping that by inhibiting my vision I would be able to feel again.
I chose gravity.
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