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Chapter 2: Good Morning.....My Rescuer?!

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The two find themselves in the meeting last place they'd expect. What't the future have to hold?

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Haruki awoke to the sound of his sister's voice, "Haruki, come on get up" A yawn wiggled it's way out of Haruki's throat as he sat up. Yuki left and Haruki got ready. After breakfast him and his sister walked to school together, but once they entered the school Yuki ditched him for her friends and Haruki found himself lost on his way to his classroom.

Rikiya woke up early at 5 am For morning classes and get his little sister to school for morning daycare. Walking in his room, he sat next to her and petted her head. "Hey Akari, time to wake up." Akari strecthed and yawned. "Oniichan I'm tired.." Rikiya smiled "don't you want to show me your drawings from school today?" "Oh yea! You'll love them Oniichan!" Rikiya and Akari got ready and headed out the door. He dropped her of at daycare and left "I'll see you later Akari!" "Bye bye Oniichan!" Rikiya smiled and ran to the university which was 5 blocks away. Which happened to be close to where he meet that kid last night.

Rikiya blushed a bit and shook it off. "Ehh, its a guy and I won't be seeing him anyway ever again." "excuse me" Haruki tapped on a kids shoulder, "can you help me find my class? It's room 200" the kid turned around. "your on the wrong floor, room 200 is on the second floor"

"thank you" Haruki walked away and found his class. Alot boys bombarded him "What's your name?" "what's your favorite color?" "do you have a boyfriend?" "I'm a boy" Haruki explained, "and my name is Haruki Oshiro" He sat down and many of the boys were stunned. Taking a better look the boys could see that Haruki was right.

Rikiya couldn't care less about the girls right now. And when he walked into class. He couldn't care less about the new victim of the year for the other upperclassmen. Rikiya sat down opened his books and read a small novel on the side, a normal routine for class to begin for the last two years. His ears also twitched back when he heard the other females of his classes swooning over him. In some sort of Shizuka fan club, as is proper to call someone by last name.

"your a boy?" asked one of the girls, "oh my god you are" she said after she had a better look. "yeah" Haruki gave her a gentle smile. He always hated first days, he always had to explain that he was a boy, he wished everyone would just know from first glance, but that was never the case. Haruki looked to his right, still surrounded by people he thought he saw that guy from last night, Rikiya Shizuka. "Excuse me" he said to the crowed of people and walked over to get a better look.

"it is you" Haruki said smiling like he did when he said goodbye, "I thought maybe I was seeing things but it's you" Rikiya looked around then directly at the voice and his eyes widened. Thinking Holy crap its way he remembers and why is he here.! "I think you might have got the wrong guy.. my name is Rikiya Shizuka. And are you a bit young to be here?" Rikiya looked a bit nervous by him unsure why. "I'm 18, so no, I'm not to young to be here" Haruki's tail swayed, "and you are the same person because that's the exact same name I got last night, it was a bit dark out last night, so maybe you'll remember my name" he smiled, "I'm Haruki Oshiro"

"Yes I do remember no that you mention it. I never expected you to be here though." Rikiya couldn't completely keep up this cold act while Oshiro-kun looked at him like that. Quickly thinking do to the stares around them and evil looks from the club. "you might wanna becareful because the way your posture is you don't look as refined as you might need to be in public." Smiling trying to polite and get him off the hook. Anything to stop the noticing.

Oshiro-kun stood up embaressed and smiled "sorry..." Shizuka- senpai laughed and smiled and reached out and pet him. "Welcome to college first year, Oshiro-kun." Then quickly retreating in embaressment. He was being adorable like Akari in the morning he tried to convince himself. Haruki sat back in his seat and waited for class to start, it did and it wasn't long until their lunch break came around.
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