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The Forgotten Pieces (A Tom Hiddleston story)

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Lara is living almost three years in the past due to traumatic amnesia caused by a severe car accident. She is required to get use to the life she lived previously the event of the car accident. A ...

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Repetitive sound of beeping. That’s all I can hear. I started to cringe at the sound as it never stopped its aggravating sound. I finally gave up on the constant sound and gradually opened my eyes. The light of the room forced my weary eyes close. My hand reached my eyes to rub the pain of seeing such brightness away.

That was when I realised a slight tug on the back of my hand. My eyes shot open ignoring the dimly lit room hurting my sleep driven eyes and gazed at my hand. A needle was neatly buried in my pale chalky skin with a clear substance running through the tube. I realised then that I was in a hospital and the repetitive sound came from the heart monitor which stood beside my bed. The first question that rushed to my head was, what am I doing here? What happened to me?

My eyes searched the pale, empty room for my family. Surely they would be anxiously waiting for me to wake up. I pressed my lip in a thin line to only see a man leaning over the side of my bed sleeping softly. I tilted my head to the side to get a better look of the male. His wavy brown hair which was in a slight mess tickled my hand. As I got a closer look at his features, a slight panic erupted within me. This man who was shamelessly sleeping with his hand holding mine was nothing other than a stranger to me. My breathing has gotten shallow as my eyes frantically searched the room for an emergency button. How could this man just waltz in my room and think it is time to sleep on the side of my bed? I recognised the red emergency button beside me and without a second thought pressed it a couple of times before anxiously waiting for a nurse to arrive.

I looked down at the man again who was oblivious to what was going around him as he snoozed soundlessly. I made no effort in removing my hand from under him as I did not want him to wake up without a nurse to help me let this man know that he is with the wrong patient.

The door to my room opened revealing a tall young woman entering. She was obviously a doctor judging from her white coat. She grinned when she saw me awake.
“Ah Miss Riley, so glad to see that you have finally decided to wake up!” she approached to the side of my bed across from the anonymous man. “I’m Dr Reade, how are you feeling?” she had a check book in one hand and a pen in the other already scribbling notes down.
“I’m well thank you. I just wanted to let you know that this man,” I gestured to the sleeping figure beside me. “That this man…” I paused and sighed. “I don’t know this man, what is he doing here?”
The doctor’s mouth was slightly open almost gaping at my words before composing herself. “Miss Riley, you have been in a car accident.”
“What?” I gasped. I completely have forgotten to about the reason I might have been in the hospital. I dug through my memory about being in a car recently or even an accident but there was a blank. This was very unusual for myself to forget anything. My mother would always compliment my exceptional memory, I remembered almost everything. I brought both my hands to my head ignoring that my movement might have waken the stranger up, and shut my eyes. I had to remember. Not remembering was frustrating. “I can’t remember,” I mumbled to myself.
“Miss Riley, it is perfectly normal to not remember the accident.”
“No, I don’t remember being in the car in the first place!” the fear was threaded within my voice.
“Lara,” a male’s voice spoke.

I felt a warm hand resting on my cheek while gently rubbing my chin with their thumb. I opened my eyes to see the man that was sleeping, awake with concern filled in his grey eyes. I flinched under his touch.
“Calm down, love. You hit your head pretty hard in the accident so it’s okay that you don’t remember,” he gave me a warm smile. Despite the dark shadows under his eyes and messy hair, he did look quite handsome. I definitely did not know a handsome man like him.
I replied to him with a blank stare.
“He is right Miss Riley, you hit your head hard in the car accident. You’ve been in a coma for a week as well,” the doctor stopped writing. “I’m just going to ask a few questions in order to find out if you’re experiencing any concussion or amnesia.”
At this point, the man stopped touching my cheek and had his hand resting on mine as he was previously.
I nodded to the doctor.
“Could you please tell me your name, birth date and address?” she began writing again.
“Certainly. My name is Lara Riley, birth date 22nd of January 1987 and my address is 171 Miller Street Edgecliff.”
The man opened his mouth to say something but the doctor shook her head at him.
I watched them both, “Something the matter?”
“Miss Riley, your address is in Australia I presume?” the doctor ignored my questioning.
“Yes, why?” I frowned.
Dr Reade sighed, “Miss Riley, you’re in London and that address is where you lived previously.”
“What?” I looked out the window to see the unfamiliar city of London. “What am I doing here? Since when was I in London?” my breathing started to pace up and gotten shallow again.
“Calm down Miss Riley,” the doctor placed her hand on my arm. “You’re experiencing traumatic amnesia, you will hopefully regain those memories in time.”
I gulped and tried to slow down my breathing.
“Does that mean you do not remember me?” the man asked softly. He had already removed his hand from mine.
I looked back at him with grace. His beautifully sculpted face revealed the expression of sadness. “All this time I thought you were a stranger… I’m so sorry…” I looked down at my lap before gazing back at him. “I’m guessing you are someone important in my life?”
“It is not your fault,” he gave a small smile. “I’m Tom Hiddleston and yes, you could say that I am your significant other.”


I know this sounds like a cliche story but bear with me, I will make it different I promise!
I hope to gain some feedback from you guys to know how interesting or not interesting and how I can improve!
Thank you!

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